Sunday, September 13, 2015

Haggen Joins the ranks of failed retailers

Congratuation Haggen, You joined the ranks of failed retailers. You are only distinguished because you did it in record times. Don’t worry; others will join you A & P Alexanders B. Altman & Co. Arlan’s Ayres Best & Co. Blockbuster Bonwit Teller Borders Bradlees Brueners Builders Emporium Caldors Child World Circuit City Comp USA Arnold Constable Discount Records Ernst Filene’s Basement Forbes & Wallace Frederick & Nelson’s Fresh & Easy Gimbel’s Good Guys Gottscalks W.T. Grant & Co. Grodins Grossman’s Herman’s World of Sporting Goods Hollywood Video Home Base J & R Jay Jacobs K-B’s King Kinney’s Shoes S. Klein’s on the Square E. J. Korvettes Lamonts Lechmere Levitz Loehmans Mervyns Miller’s Outpost Montgomery Wards G.C. Murphy Ohrbachs Oshman’s Pacific Stereo Pay’n Pak Peck & Peck Radio Shack Record Factory Rinks Bargain City Roos Atkins F.A.O. Schwartz Service Merchandise Sharper Image Steiger’s Steve & Barry’s Tower Records Two Guys Wickes Woolco Wherehouse Woolworth’s Zayres

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