Saturday, July 25, 2015

Is President Obama Presenting Jonathan Pollard to Israel as a Peace Offering?

President Obama is effectively giving the Bomb to Iran. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter flies to Israel to make peace. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter does not offer Israel any new arms. Some way of making peace! The Appendix III to the Iran agreement requires the parties to take all steps to prevent others from interfering with Iran. Secretary of State Kerry admitted in testimony to Congress that it will help protect Iran’s nuclear activities against nuclear threats and cyber warfare. The text covers more than that. The Administration is rumored to have threatened Israel in the past about attacking Iran. The Wall Street Journal reported today the rumors that the President will make a peace offering to Israel by releasing the convicted spy Jonathon Pollard. Jonathan Pollard was arrested for espionage in 1985 and is serving a life sentence. Prime Minister Netanyahu has asked for Pollard’s release from the beginning. Israel wants him. All he did was give some of the country’s top secrets to Israel. For money! He loves Israel, but sold his country out for money. He says he did it out of an affinity for Israel, but took the money. Some of the secrets may have reached the Soviet Union. America’s intelligence and military community vigorously oppose his release. President Obama is offering his release. A worn out spy to Israel in exchange for the Bomb to Iran. What a deal! Israel is facing an existential threat and Obama offers Israel a worn out spy. Such a deal! President Obama’s not offering Israel anything of substance. Jonathan Pollard is up for parole November 1, 2015 President Obama is not offering much of anything. Does the President think the Jewish Nation is that stupid? Senator Lindsay Graham is quoted in the Journal: It’s “nothing more than a pathetic attempt by a weak administration to curry favor with our Israeli allies who across the board reject this dangerous deal with Iran.” President Obama denies Israel the super bunker buster bombs, but is offering Jonathan Pollard.

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