Thursday, February 26, 2015

Loose Llamas on the Lam Lassoed

Loose Llamas Lassoed in Sun City Enough of interrupting the news, prime time, and afternoon programming with high speed and low speed churches. Forget OJ in a slow speed chase in a white Bronco. The nation was transfixed earlier today by fleeing llamas on the loose in Sun City, Arizona. CNN, Fox, MSNBC, BBC, NPR, Washington Post covered the romp through the asphalts. Twitter lit up. Llamas are free roaming in nature. These sought free roaming rights on the asphalt of Maricopa County. Three llamas were being transported to an assisted living facility in Sun City for pet therapy for a retired llama rancher. Two llamas feigned a bathroom need, and then bolted for freedom. They were not ready for retirement in Sun City. The cry went out: “Escaped Llamas; Llamas on the lam.” The confusion of war: A Bolo went out for Fernando Lamas. The live llama drama ensued. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s deputies couldn’t corral the desperados. Wannabe football stars futilely tried arm tackling the gallivanting llamas. Cars stopped. Drivers gawked. The Sun City seniors suffered cardiac arrests as they slammed the brakes on their golf carts. Sun City hasn't seen that much action since the feedlots closed. Phoenix is still in the West. In a scene out of Hollywood, real cowboys rode to the action with lariats to lasso the escapees from the beds of their pickups. What a sight to see! The smaller of the two went down easy, but the larger loping llama continued its flight to freedom. Finally, sadly, three urban cowboys roped the white llama.

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