Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Even the Electronic Voting Machines Cheat Democratic in Cook County

Chicago, the heart of Cook County, is notorious for voter fraud. The fabled Chicago Rule of Voting is simple: “Vote early, Vote often, Make your vote count.” Actually, it’s “Vote early, Vote Democratic, Vote often; make your votes count.” Every Democratic vote should be counted. And counted. And counted. As often as necessary. Republican votes are not considered votes. They are not to be counted, as illustrated by the number of precinct in 2012 that apparently did not cast a single ballot for Governor Romney. Mayor Daley would be proud. If you can't make it to the voting booth, don't worry. The machine will vote for you. Chicago believes in voting. Chicago also believes in the Afterlife. Chicago residents can vote from the grave, for eternity, as long as they vote Democratic. No limit exists on cemetery votes. The dead votes are allowed to exceed the number of live voters in the precinct. Chicago voters are loyal to the Party. The deceased still vote Democratic. Electronic voting machines are supposed to be voter fraud proof. Not in Cook County. Jim Moynihan is running for the State Assembly as a Republican against Michelle Mussmann, the Democratic incumbent. He voted in early voting in the public library in Schaumberg, Illinois two days ago. He voted for himself. His vote registered as a vote for Michelle. He tried voting for other Republican candidates, and these votes all registered for Democrats. Jim should not be surprised. This is Cook County. Even the electronic voting machines understand they are to vote Democratic or risk a short circuit. Republicans have a tough slough in Illinois. You know it’s bad when they cannot even vote for themselves. The Cook County Registrar of Voters Office explained the problem as a simple miscalibration. Seemingly no other machines were similarly misbehaving. Attorney General Eric Holder has not weighed in on the nefarious machine. Democrats are worried this cycle about turning out the vote. They shouldn’t be. They only need to turn actual Republican votes into Democratic votes. Cook County has shown the way.

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