Friday, August 29, 2014

President Obama: "We Have No Strategy Yet." Really?

Remember the Chiquita Banana jingle? “Yes, we have no bananas. We have no bananas today. President Obama’s strategy is: “Yes, we have no strategy, we have no strategy today.” Or yesterday. Or tomorrow. He has two fundraisers in Westchester County today. That is the saddest indictment to date of the President. A strategy is not developed playing golf. Nor is it created in fundraisings. Nor apparently does he engage in strategizing during vacations. President Obama is disingenuous. He has a strategy, a failing strategy, but one he cannot honestly reveal to the American public. His consistent strategy is to disarm, defang, and neuter the American military while retreating from the world. America’s role is not to lead. He believes America has used its military to force its rapacious will upon the world. American exceptionalism does not exist, but if it does, then his view is that it was acquired through American imperialism. He is a believer in the gospel of the New Left, the gospel of Liberation Theology. He believes that America is the root of evil in the world. Iran, and Russia, and the Moslem Brotherhood are simply misunderstood. Stalwart allies, such as England and Israel, are to be dissed. Hamas is, at the least, the equal of Israel. He cannot admit he’s been wrong because he cannot, will not, see it. Our President is ignorant of history, as well as economics, and human psychology. He believes Afghanistan and Iraq were mistakes of the Bush Administration. He was elected to get American boots off the ground. Thus the unilateral snatching of defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq by unilaterally pulling all troops out – an act which he still intends to repeat in Afghanistan. His response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine is to offer MRE’s to the Ukrainian troops. He lacks a strategy because he lacks a vision of the strategic interests of the United States. Our President does not learn from his mistakes because, in his eyes, he does not make mistakes. He sees the truth clearer than us mere mortals. The polls tell him the American people do not want boots on the ground. He fails to realize that Neville Chamberlain’s Appeasement was popular until Hitler invaded Poland. President Obama does not understand that President Roosevelt knew the American public was opposed to entry into World War II, but that FDR did what he could to prepare America for the inevitable war. FDR built up the American military prior to Pearl Harbor. President Obama continues to shrink it. FDR had leadership. The President said a year ago that we need a strategy for Syria. He called ISIS the jayvee’s six months ago. He was AWOL during Benghazi. He still seems out of the loop on ISIS. The military is always preparing contingency plans. They always have a range of options. All the President has to do is request them. Instead, he is relying upon his national security team, which includes Ben Rhodes, a political hack, and Susan Rice as his National Security Advisor.

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