Monday, April 21, 2014

$12 Million in Medicaid Is Paid Out In Illinois: Only $12 Million?

The State of Illinois disclosed to the Associated Press pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request that it had paid out in excess of $12 million to over 2900 deceased claimants since 1970. The Illinois state agencies of Healthcare and Family Services, and Human Services couldn’t explain how it happened, how they missed the 2900 deceased in state records. State Representative Patti Bullock (R. Hinsdale) said “I’m shocked, but not surprised.” We know. Think Illinois. Think Chicago. The dead vote in Chicago. Only Chicago can promise you immortality, at least on the voting rolls. Tombstones in Mt. Olive cemetery have voted for over a century - for Democrats. Who’s to say otherwise? The tombstones defy discovery. No depositions, no interrogatories, no cross examination. Their silence is eternal. Senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy defeated Vice President Richard Nixon in 1960 by 112,827 votes. Or did here? The history of voting fraud in Chicago and Texas is fairly well documented. JFK carried Illinois by 8,858 votes. Or did he? Major Daley held back the Chicago vote until the next morning to determine the plurality JFK needed to carry Illinois. The Senator miraculously carried Cook County by over 450,000 votes, even including the large Republican margins in the Cook County Republican suburbs. The Mt. Olive ghosts fulfilled the first rule of Chicago voting: “Vote early, Vote often, Make your vote count.” William “Bill” Mullen won a Pulitzer prize in 1973 for documenting Chicago’s voting fraud in the 1972 election. The United States Attorney for Chicago estimated that the Democratic machine in 1982 manufactured over 100,00 bogus votes in a failed attempt to prevent the gubernatorial election of James Thompson as Governor. 63 were convicted of voter fraud in that election. My colleague, the talk radio host Hugh Hewitt, published in 2004 the book, which sums it up: “If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat: Crushing the Democrats in Every Election and Why Your Life Depends On It.” Senator Lyndon Baines “Landslide” Johnson, the 1960 vice presidential candidate, fulfilled his role in carrying Texas. The Kennedy-Johnson ticket carried Texas by 46,257 votes. Or did it? One representative example is Fannin County, which saw 6,138 votes cast, with a 75-25 split for the Democrats. Fannin County only had 4,895 registered voters. Vice President Nixon would have received 270 electoral votes, and thus won the 1960 Presidential Election, if he had won Illinois and Texas. If the dead can vote, then they can also receive benefits, an annuity, ad infinitum. This annuity is better than whole life insurance. It cost nothing. The corpses understand their role. The vote and benefits are passable to future generations: the gift, the annuity, that just keeps giving. Indeed, machine politicians understand that they must pay for votes. Philadelphia calls it “Walking around money.” Even the dead are paid for their votes. $12 million is a small price to pay for buying the votes of the dead.

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