Friday, January 17, 2014

The Democrat's War on Inequality Should Start Within the Democratic Party

The Democrats, led by President Obama, are resorting to base class warfare, undertaking an attack on inequality. Governor Mitt Romney was destroyed in 2012 because he could not rebut the presumption that he was out of touch with the American people. He spoke like an MBA plutocrat (“binders of women,” etc.) The Democrats have us believe that Republicans represent the rich and the elite. They care nothing about the rest of us. They are for the oil companies, insurance companies, fat cat bankers, and gun manufacturers. The Democrats represent the people. They fight against inequality. That's what they tell us. According to President Obama and the Democratic acolytes, inequality is the biggest problem facing America. They orate against the growing economic gap in which the rich are getting richer. The proposed solutions are a higher minimum wage and extended unemployment. 12 of the richest 20 Americans support the Democratic Party in national and state races, often with tens of millions of dollars. More rich Democrats finance Democratic causes than their “reviled” Koch Brothers support conservative causes. The Democratic rich have gotten richer under President Obama. Here are the plutocrats that financially back the “populist” Democrats: Bill Gates Warren Buffett George Soros Larry Ellison Penny Pritzker Tom Steyer Jon Stryker Patricia Stryker Haim Saban Irwin Jacobs Ron Burkle Elon Musk Jaime Dimon Jeffrey Brotman These are our Democratic leaders, our professed “populists.” Judge them not by what they say, but who they are. President Obama, as part of his political attack on inequality, expresses great empathy for the less fortunate in our society. He does while vacation in Hawaii for 17days (including travel) over Christmas and playing golf 9 of the 15 days on Oahu.He has played 135 rounds of golf through August 2013 to show solidarity with the less fortunate. He loves going to Hawaii and Martha's Vineyard as well as spending 204 days traveling to 41 countries. Michelle Obama has great empathy for the less fortunate and is a strong supporter of healthy food for Americans. Michelle though is known to have a penchant for lobster, often at taxpayer's expense. Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia – That says it all. He’s worth about $83.08 million. Senator Mark Warner of Virginia has a higher worth of $88.5 million. Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut trails at $79.11 million. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada was poor when he came to Washington, but after a few sweetheart real estate transactions, became a multi-millionaire. Senator Diane Feinstein of California, worth over $40 million herself, is married to Richard C. Blum, an investment banker who may be worth up to $1 Billion. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, who is known to be ethically charged, is worth about $15.5 million. Politics has been good to her. Al Franken, the tax-dodging, ex-comedian, Minnesota Senator, is worth millions. Elizabeth Warren, perhaps the most liberal, populist Senator, or at least publicly, is worth $3.9 million. She did not accumulate her worth as a law professor. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi rings in about $100 million. Congressman Joe Kennedy of Massachusetts comes in at $15.2 million. He’s a piker compared to Congressman John Delaney of Maryland at $68.4 million and Congressman Jared Polis of Colorado with $60.2 million. Susan DelBene was elected to Congress from Washington in 2012. Her personal wealth of $54 million played a large role in her winning the primary and general elections. Congresswoman Chellie Pangree of Maine saw her worth jump from $750,000 in 2010 to $85.8 million in 2011 when she married a hedge fund manager. She’s for the people. Secretary of State, and former Senator, John Kerry married money twice. He was the richest Senator until he joined President Obama’s Cabinet. The median worth for the Democrats in Congress is $1.04 million, slightly higher than the even $1 million for the Republicans. They have made it in America, often having entering politics. But they represent the people. Or do they?

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