Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year: Watch the Dropping ....

Happy New Year: Watch the Ball Drop in Times Square Parades, fireworks, bowl games, drunk drivers ring in the new year, but the ball drop in New York’s Times square has become a national heritage. It has engendered scores of competitors. Anyone can copycat a dropping ball, so let’s look at other New Year’s droppings, many of which are replicas of living creatures: Acorn in Raleigh, North Carolina Red aoole in Manhattan, Kansas Beach ball in Ocean City, Maryland Beaver in Beavertown, Pennsylvania Stick of bologna in Lebanon, Pennsylvania Buzzards in Perry, Georgia Cannonball in Cornwall, Pennsylvania Carp in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin Cheery in Traverse Coty, Michigan Cheese wedge for the cheeseheads in Plymouth, Wisconsin Chicken in Delta, Ohio Counch shells and drag queens in high heels in Key West, Florida Cow in Blair, Pennsylvania 6’ cowboy boot in Prescott, Arizona Crayola in Easton, Pennsylvania Disco ball in Baltimore, Maryland Do-nuts in Hagerstown, Maryland Giant Peach in Atlanta Duck decoy in Havre de Grace, Maryland Gibson Guitar in Niagara Falls Electronic Moon Pie in Mobile, Alabama Flea in Eastover, North Carolina Flying pig in Cincinnati, Ohio Hershey Kiss in Hershey, Pennsylvania Hog in Fayetteville, Arkansas Little red apple in Cornelia, Georgia Marshmallow peep drop in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Muskrat in Princess Anne, Maryland Olive in Bartlesville, Oklahoma Orange in Miami Pelican in Pensacola, Florida Pickle at the Mount Olive Pickle Plant in Mt. Olive, North Carolina Pickle in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania Pinecone in Flagstaff, Arizona Pineapple in Sarasota, Florida Possum drop in Brasstown, North Carolina $10,000 potato in Boise, Idaho Sardine in Eastport, Maine Sausage in Elmore, Ohio Sprint car in Port Royal, Pennsylvania Strawberry in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Watermelon ball in Vincennes, Indiana Walleye fish in Port Clinton, Ohio Wrench in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania An orange in Orange County, California. I’ve lived in the O.C. for almost 17 years and never knew it. Which would you rather watch at 12:01AM: one of these celebrations or drunks falling down? Drive safely

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