Thursday, October 31, 2013

Is President Obama Our Know Nothing President?

This is a list of what President Obama did not know until he read about it in the papers or otherwise learned of it after the fact, or so he says: The Justice Department investigation of AP and James Rosen, Fox News reporter Fast and Furious Benghazi, then and even now IRS harassment of the Tea Party Lack of shovel ready jobs “ NSA eavesdropping of foreign leaders, such as Angela Merkel Solynda The President didn’t know nuttin’ about nuttin’, not to mention how many states are in the United States. He once claimed to have campaigned in all 57 states of the United States with one or two to go. The President cannot be expected to know everything about everything in a government of this size, but he should be kept informed of major developments, even in his relentless pursuit of the perfect golf match, traveling on Air Force I to a vacation site, or in one of his eternal campaign swings. A good leader does not like to be hit by unpleasant surprises. Leaders will fire those who keep them uninformed. President Obama conversely has retained his advisors and cabinet members, thereby sending a message of approval of their actions. Secretary of the Interior said the President did not know of the problems with the ObamaCare website until a few days until its launch on October 1. The few tests before the October rollout illustrated major problems with the site. Yet apparently no one told the President as he touted the readiness of the website to the public that it was flawed. That doesn’t make sense, unless the testers and HHS were scared of telling the President that his “major accomplishment” had critical flaws. President Obama kept proclaiming for three years that we will be able to keep our insurance plans and out doctors eventhough his Administration knew three years ago that would not be the case. No one in his Administration apparently thought to have advised him against using these talking points over the next three years, even up to a month ago. The President claims to have learned of Fast and Furious, and most of these problems, from the media after the fact as we learned from them. The White House met 118 times with the Director of the Internal Revenue Service in 2010 and 2011, but but we are to believe the persecution of the Tea Party never came up. The Secretary of the Interior, the President’s Chief of Staff, and the White House Counsel knew of the Inspector General’s investigation of the IRS, but apparently none gave the President a head’s up on the investigation. The President was “shocked!, just shocked!” when he found out after the story broke. Not only did the President not know that Solyndra and other green energy companies were failing, having blown billions of taxpayer dollars, but he also continues to fund these companies. That’s not the sign of a smart leader. He still doesn’t know. President Obama promised that the Stimulus Bill would fund “shovel ready” jobs and projects until several years later when he said: “I guessed they weren’t so shovel-ready after all.” he wants a second stab at it with an infrastructure program. He’s willingly, blissfully ignorant of basic economics, not to mention history. Plausible deniability is necessary to protect any President, but the Obama Administration goes to the point of know nothingism.

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