Saturday, September 14, 2013

President Obama's Agenda is Not, I repeat is "Not," Unraveling

President Obama’s Administration is Not, I repeat “Not,” Unraveling President Obama has been receiving scathing commentary from all directions for his “mishandling” of Syria. The question has been repeatedly asked: “Is the President’s foreign policy unraveling?” The facetious answer is a clear “No,” because the President has no foreign policy; hence no foreign to unravel. That’s not quite true. The President has a clearly defined foreign and domestic policy. He clearly stated five days before his first inauguration that he would fundamentally transform America. His domestic policy goal is to transform America into a European style social democracy dependent on the federal government’s largesse financed through transfer payments and debt in the name of fairness. He has been eminently successful in transforming America. He is fundamentally opposed to a forceful, militaristic foreign policy. He is defanging America’s military. He started his Administration with an apology tour, emphasizing a new “touchy-feely” foreign policy. Part of his foreign policy is to go easy on America’s enemies, such as Iran, and treat our traditional friends, especially Great Britain and Israel, as if they were the plague. Allies, such as President Mubarak of Egypt, were to be deposed with no consideration being given to their replacements. He has cut the military budget by $1.2 trillion in five years, not including the sequester. The Navy says it’s on the way to an effective carrier force of 8 carriers, down from 12 and the nuclear submarine force is shrinking by 30%. The Navy is down to its pre-World War II size. He bugged out of Iraq, such that Iran is supplying the Assad Regime in Syria through cargo flights over Iraq. He is working on bugging out of Afghanistan. Congress won’t enact his Green Agenda. No Problem; the President will unilaterally implement it through a plaint EPA. The Obama Administration War on Coal is back on track after the 2012 election. Indeed, the war is on all fossil fuels, including natural gas and oil. The agenda is green energy. The Department of Energy continues to funnel billions in subsidies to “green energy” eventhough billions have been squandered. 50% of this year’s college grads couldn’t find meaningful employment. The President convinced college graduates to think in terms of social justice rather than jobs for themselves. The Stimulus Bill may have lacked “shovel ready” jobs, but it saved tens of thousands of unionized public sector jobs. If Congress won’t legislate immigration reform, he will do it unilaterally by not enforcing existing laws, and then blame Congress’ failure on Republicans. ObamaCare seems to be falling over a cliff even before its effective date. His slogan “You can keep the coverage you have” with lower rates is but a broken promise. Obamacare will not be repealed as long as he is President, after which it will be too late. The statute is transforming 1/6 of the nation’s economy. The role of the private physician is rapidly disappearing in America. The American workforce is being transformed before our eyes into a part time rather than full time workforce because of ObamaCare. The legally independent National Labor Relations Board is enforcing a radical union agenda even as the private sector labor movement is withering on the vine in America. The President saved the UAW pension and health insurance plans by wiping out Chrysler and GM bondholders. The Administration’s response to an average annual increase of 13% in food stamp recipients from 2008 to 2012 with 48 million Americans receiving food stamps in 2013 is to undertake an advertising campaign, even in Mexico, to sign up more food stamp recipients. President Obama’s agenda and administration are not unraveling. America is.

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