Monday, July 8, 2013

Is It Eliot Spitzer's Turn for Forgiveness and Redemption?

Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford found redemption earlier this year by winning an open House seat. He sought redemption after giving it all up for his Argentine firecracker: his wife, children, office, political career, and reputation. He sought forgiveness from the religious South Carolina voters. Fortunately for the ex-Governor, the conservative voters in his old Congressional District would vote for any conservative with an “R” after his or her name. Having seen the light, former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner announced he was also seeking forgiveness from the voters of New York City. He is seeking election as New York City’s next Mayor. Anthony Weiner, the serial sexter of uninviting women, wants to hold the office of Fiorello La Guardia, Robert F. Wagner, John Lindsay, Edward I. Koch, and Rudolph Giuliani. The Congressman, who had little to show for his 12 1/2years in Congress, wants to be the face of the Big Apple. Early polls show he might pull it off. Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who used his family fortune to buy political office and high priced escorts, announced he’s running for City Controller. The “Sheriff of Wall Street” wants to be the Daddy Big Bucks of Wall Street. Eliot Spitzer, as Attorney General of New York, brought a number of high profile lawsuits against Wall Street. Unfortunately the Harvard Law School grad did not let the law stand in his way in filing highly suspect cases. The Governor was waiting in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. on February 13, 2008 for “Kristin” to arrive by Amtrak. The Governor gave Kristin, better known as Ashley Dupre, a $4,300 check. Governor Spitzer had spent so much money, at least $80,000, on the services provided by the Emperor’s Club VIP that the FBI was secretly wiretapping him on suspected money laundering charges when they taped the conversation of “Client 9” and “Kristin.” He had been patronizing prostitutes as early as his New York Attorney General days when he broke up several prostitution rings. He resigned one month later on March 17, 2008. Electoral politics can be addictive. Defeated, disgraced and termed-out politicians keep looking for new offices to run for. They learn from their mistakes, such as “The New Nixon,” “It was a youthful indiscretion (Henry Hyde at 40),” or I seek forgiveness and redemption. Weiner and Spitzer should run as a fusion ticket, the New York Redemption Pair. Their ticket would be one of transparency. They have nothing to hide. In a city whose local politics are currently plagued by corruption, they can run as the Clean Team. They will be emulating their idols, Senator Ted Kennedy, President Bill Clinton and D.C.'s Marion Barry. The Congressman showed the world his Full Monty, and the Governor’s family is so rich he cannot be bought. Neither would succumb to attractive women for neither the media nor their wives will give them a third chance. They can’t be bought by sex or money. New York likes brassy politicians. They have shown it. Yet a major distinction can be made between the two. Spitzer's acts were sordid, but we understand them. They made the ten Commandments, but Weiner's were just plain creepy. Think of the inspiration to oversexed, sex addicted politicians throughout America, or at least blue America, if the Big Apple elects Weiner and Spitzer as the city’s leaders. Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom of California and former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaragosa will find inspiration in their run for Senator or Governor of California. Hopefully the voters will gag on a Weiner-Spitzer leadership. Forgiveness does not mean electability.

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