Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What Has President Obama Done To His Supporters?

What has President Obama done for his supporters, his loyal supporters?

President Obama’s constituency has been extremely loyal to him. Let’s see what their support has brought them – two words: taxes and unemployment.

For example, African Americans and Hispanics have overwhelmingly voted for the President. Their support is not supported in their unemployment rates. The United States unemployment rate rose from 7.3%% in December 2008 to 7.9% in December 2012. The African American unemployment rate jumped from 10.1% to 14% in this period while Hispanics grew to 9.6% from 7.6%.  

I’m not sure what the Blue states reap from the President except taxes and unemployment.

Of the ten states with the highest unemployment rates, seven voted for President Obama: #1 Nevada and Rhode Island with 10.2%, #3 California with 9.8%, #4 New Jersey at 9.6%, #6 Michigan with 8.9%, #7 New Jersey at 8.7%, and # 10 Connecticut at 8.6%. The President might get the woman in Cleveland an “Obamaphone,” but not a job.

Of the ten states with the highest percent of taxpayers with adjusted gross income of $500,000 or more, 9 voted for the President’s reelection: Connecticut #1 with 1.34%, New Jersey #2 at.98%, New York comes in at #3 with .95%, Massachusetts #4 at .94%, California fifth with .72%, Illinois sixth with .67%, Maryland seventh with .65%, Virginia ninth at .60%, and Minnesota tenth with .58%. The 1-2 percenters apparently like being taxed more. The President is willing to accommodate them.

The President has moved “heaven and earth” for the unions, including illegally stacking the NLRB with pro-labor recess appointments. Yet, membership in labor unions continues to fall. Indeed, union membership reached a 70 year low under his watch. The percent of union members in the workforce dropped ½% in 2012 from 11.8% to 11.3%.

Union membership dropped by over 400,000 in 2012. Even the public sector fell by 250,000 unions workers to 35.9% of the public workforce from 37%.

Only 6.6% of the private—sector workforce is unionized today.

President Obama courted college students, historically a liberal bloc, by cutting the interest rate on student loans. However, the June 2012 graduating class faces a 50% unemployment rate. Low interest is good, but jobs are better.

The President promised the middle class he was for them. He said we needed to avoid the fiscal cliff to save the middle class tax cuts. Then why did working middle class members see their payroll taxes rise 2% on January 1, 2013?

Consumers, including the middle class, are experiencing dramatic food and gasoline inflation.

Remember the hug-fest between Governor Christie and President Obama after Tropical Storm Sandy ravaged New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. The President dramatically promised “We will not forget … We will follow up to make sure you get the help you need,” and “Our biggest priority is getting power back on.” The President with Governor Christie’s imprimatur secured the Tri-state vote. Many survivors on Staten Island still lack heat, electricity, running water, or even housing. FEMA has not come through. The media savaged President Bush for less, but President Obama vacationed in Hawaii.

The President has inadvertently become the greatest pitchman for the gun industry. Gun and ammo sales are booming because of his proposed curbs on the industry.

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