Sunday, July 3, 2011

Questions About President Obama's Recent Remarks on Deficit Reduction

Is the President posturing before he caves?

Is the President throwing red meat to his blue state supporters?

Is the President a true believer?

Is the President resorting to rank demagoguery?

Is the President simply pursuing his concept of fairness?

Is the President espousing Populism?

Is class warfare the President’s mantra?

Is the President being a hypocrite, as he shames Congress into continuing in session over the 4th while he fundraises and golfs?

Is the President piqued because the 67 minute news conference cut into his golf game and fund raising activities?

Does the President care that he is even upsetting Democratic supporters in Congress?

Is the President drawing a line in the sand on taxes such that he’s locked in?

Does the President believe that increasing taxes on the oil and gas industry will increase production of oil and gas in the United States?

Does the President believe that raising taxes on the productive segments of society will improve the economy?

Did the President, a political science major, take any economics courses in college?

Did the President drink too deeply of the chalice of the Reverend Wright and imbibe too much liberation theology?

Is the President this economically naive?

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