Thursday, September 18, 2008

Biden Defines Patriotism As Paying Higher Taxes

Thank God for Joe Biden. He’s the loose cannon who doesn’t mince words. No careful phraseology like Senator Obama. Just plain Joe doesn’t do nuance. Obama talks in terms of “fairness,” but not Joe.

Biden just gets wound up and speaks from the heart. Never a Freudian slip from Joe! The neurons go straight from his brain to his mouth without filters.

The truth Joe, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

And the truth is “We want to take money” and give it to the middle class. He will take from the rich, defined as those earning over $250,000 a year. “It’s time to be patriotic” for the poor saps who will be taxed to excess. Many of our “patriots” will be the small business entrepreneurs who build the American economy by the sweat of their brow.

Yes, paying taxes is a matter of patriotism. Our patriotic duty is to pay ever higher taxes: federal, state, and local, sales taxes, property taxes, FICA taxes, income taxes, and a host of nuisance nickel and dime taxes. That’s our patriotic duty.

Joe Biden, the Senator who reported almost $2.5 million in income from 1998-2007, but only $3,645 in charitable contributions. Why should the Senator give, when he can tax us in the name of patriotism?

Every time we question the apostles of appeasement, the advocates of surrender, the foes of armament, the opponents of missile defense, the haters of the military, the obnoxious flag burners, we are told that we should not question their patriotism.

We are told that whether or not Senator Obama wears an American flag pin is not a question of patriotism. But he never tells us precisely what patriotism means. Now we know; his sidekick, Senator Biden has defined it for us: to be patriotic is to be taxed.

We were told at the Democratic National Committee that’s it’s patriotic to object, to protest. That’s to be an American.

But words and actions have consequences. We too can dissent from their judgment, and vote against those who apparently don’t share our beliefs. That too goes to the essence of being an American.

Overlooked in the duty to be patriotic by paying taxes is his statement that “we want to take money.” To take in that sense has the connotation of “to steal,” but now true patriots are to be stolen from. When lowly criminals take, they go to jail, but now when Senator Robin Hood takes, we should stand by and salute.

Our founding fathers, the Sons of Liberty, viewed it their patriotic duty to oppose the taxes imposed by England. Remember the glorious Boston Tea Party, ironically on The Patriot Trail in the heart of Taxachusetts!

Also ironically, many of the new patriots, those earning over $250,000, will be the professionals in the Blue States – those that will vote for Obama-Biden in November.

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