Friday, March 28, 2008

Yes She Can!

Yes she can! Oh yea, yes she can! O yee of little faith should never underestimate the Clintons. They do not fade quickly into the sunset. It’s not in their genes.

Drop out to save the party? Bow to Barack to avoid a divisive fight. No Way! The Clintons have always been in it for themselves – never for party loyalty.

Even if Super Tuesday III on March 4 did not significantly narrow the delegate margin of Barack, making a Hillary victory even more mathematically difficult, she will trudge on. She has wanted the Presidency all her life, as has apparently Barack.

Her hope for victory lies not in running the string with a Pennsylvania victory, nor even swaying a large majority of superdelegates under current conditions. Her hope is not the reality that of the ten largest states, she won 8 and will win the ninth (Pennsylvania) in a month whereas most of the states Barack won will vote Republican in November. No, her hope for victory is premised on the Obama tsunami receding, leaving just another glib politico. One major misstep by Barack could deflate his balloon.

America is waiting for a candidate, no, strike that, a President who will bridge the petty, partisan chasms of Washington, and rise above the politics of personal destruction. Barack’s message of unity offers that opportunity.

His is a campaign of uplifting rhetoric. He is offering poetry to the souls of American voters. Of course, a close scrutiny of the message shows blank verse. As Gertrude Stein is famously quoted of saying about Oakland, albeit out of context, “there is no there, there.”

No matter, America is still in the infatuation stage of our relationship with Barack. Our love is so strong that we do not want to hear any negatives about him. But Hillary realizes something we don’t want to hear. Scratch the rhetoric and you simply have a Chicago politico. Negative campaigning is no novelty to the Clintons. Turn Barack into an ordinary politician, and victory is within Hilary’s grasp. It’s a long way to the nomination, much less the election. Any major miscue along the way can sink his campaign. But we know that Hillary is no more the viable alternative to Barack than Senator Ted Kennedy was to President Carter in 1980.

If ethics are the issue, then the Queen of Cattle Futures is tarred with a $100,000 profit on a $1,000 investment in 1978-79. If misstatements are a problem for Barack and his supporters, then Hillary has the Bosnia gaffe and a history of the Clintons playing fast and loose with the facts.

If disillusionment with Obama arises prior to the Convention, then Hillary believes she can win the nomination. If before November, then the Democratic Party can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Barack’s support may be a mile wide, but is only an inch deep for we know not the man. Hillary knows; Barack is a phenon rising out of the raw, sordid muck of Chicago politics. His connection to the indicted Tony Rezko is probably the tip of the iceberg: $250,000 in campaign contributions and a sweetheart deal on a house. We expect the Norman Hsu’s, Johnny Chung’s, Charlie Trie’s, Abdul Jinnah’s, John Huang’s, Mark Rich’s and Oscar Wyatt’s with the Clintons, but Barack should be above that. So too should he be above requesting $740 million in earmarks, including $1 million to the University of Chicago Medical Center, which employs his wife. Hypocrisy is not a moral dilemma for the Clintons, but we expect better from Barack.

We will learn the man. Hillary’s hope is that it comes before the Convention. The Republican pray we learn before Election Day. America’s need is sooner rather than later for Barack can clearly talk the talk. He has never shown though he can walk the walk. A man who has never assumed a major leadership role in society, who skipped scores of critical votes in the Senate and Illinois Legislature, is about to become the leader of the Free World. The last President, as inexperienced as Barack, was Jimmy Carter. His incompetence converted me into a Republican.

Baracks’ conundrum is that he is using race to rise above race. He has eschewed the in your face, threatening activism of the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Yet he has been ministered to for two decades by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr., a racist, anti-semite whose statements on 9/11 are as offensive as those of Professor Ward Churchill.

Barack could only have worshiped in Wright’s ministry for almost two decades for one of two reasons: either agreement with much of the minister’s professions, or a need to establish a political base in Chicago. Barack had roots throughout the world, but not in Chicago. He joined the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, which has the largest number of practitioners of any African-American church in Chicago.

What we know about Barack is that he may be the greatest orator in America since JFK. We also know that he can be as Janus faced as any politico. He demagogued NAFTA in Ohio, but then let the Canadian government know the talk was simply campaign rhetoric not to be taken seriously.

Barack knows that America has rejected the traditional liberal democrats, such as Michael Dukakis and John Kerry, of Massachusetts. Hence, he refuses to call himself a liberal (No “L” word for Barack), eventhough he has the highest liberal voting record of any Senator over the past three years.

Words have power. Michelle’s Obama’s statement, during the Wisconsin primary a month ago, that she was proud for the first time in her adult life to be an American has meaning, and echo the remarks of Reverend Wright.

Symbolic acts also have power. Senator Barack Hussein Obama stopped wearing his American flag pin on his lapel.

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