Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Obama as an Agent for Change (?)

The Times They Are A’Changing

Obama is the agent of change.

Change in the political didactic.

Change in optimism

The politics of optimism – not sleeze, not the politics of personal destruction

Change – America now recognizes an African American as a viable candidate for the Presidency, not that Shirley Chisholm, Reverend Jackson, Reverent Sharpton, and Allen Keyes weren’t serious candidates

Change to multi-culturalism

Change from the World War II generation to the Baby Boomers to the post-Baby Boomers

Change from Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton-Bush

Change back to a Republic and Democracy from an oligarchy

Change back to the charisma, magnetism and telegenicity of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Change from Yale - but only to Harvard

Change in the fervor of his supporters

Change in the energizing of the younger generation

But the change is one of style – not of substance

Change back to the politics of the far left wing of the Democratic Party

The change to high taxes, appeasement and defeatism, socialized medicine, command and control economy, and protectionism

Kennedy was a Cold War Warrior unafraid to project American military might

Kennedy lowered taxes

Change back to total inexperience

The change of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton

Change back to lack of gravitas

Obama may be the voice America is desperately searching for, but not the leadership

Change for better or worse

Change for Iowa

No change for New Hampshire

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