Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Woke, Social Justice Generation Is Attacking America

The videos of the recent destruction of our nation’s monuments show mostly young whites engaged in the demolitions. President Trump’s biggest hurdle in reelection is demographics. The Millennials and Generation Z’ers are 37% of the electorate. They are woke, nihilistic, democratic socialists. A survey showed the 18-24 age group prefer socialism to capitalism. This generation is different from the Baby Boomers. The post-World War II generation knew they could work hard and achieve the American Dream. The Civil Rights Era during this time achieved legal equality with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The Teachings of the Millennials and Z’ers The past decade has seen escalating Wokeness, White Privilege, Microaggressions and Safe Spaces coupled with intolerance. The youth question the existence of America as we know it. They have been educated, indoctrinated that America is an oppressive country, built on slavery, oppression, and exploitation. You are either an oppressor or oppressed. The instruments of oppression are the military, police, and capitalism. Capitalism is oppressive because of failures, and thus losers under capitalism. It is contra to equality. Western Civilization, which is White Western Civilization, is equally oppressive. The world’s problems are caused by white (Christian) males, and sometimes females. The oppressed are Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian Americans, LGBTQ, and often women. We are witnessing the deconstruction of American History, excising American Heritage, and trashing traditional American values. E Plubus Unum: Out of many, one. Not now! Now out of many, many. The New York Times 1619 Project encapsulates the learning of the younger generation. America was built on slavery when England brought slaves to the American colonies in 1619. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are fundamentally flawed because they were penned by slave owners. The Constitution recognized slavery and the slave trade. Hence symbols of America’s past are flawed. America’s original sin was slavery followed by the genocide of First Nations. The nation’s founders were slavers and racists who committed genocide. They believe therefore that the must destroy the past, and its monuments, to create A BRAVE NEW WORLD, whatever that may be, maybe Chaz. 1619 has become a rallying cry for many. One young African American woman was yelling “1619” as she was rioting. The thesis is America’s “greatness” is built on oppression, suppression, and exploitation of others. America was never great; therefore is not great today. Governor Andrew Cuomo said “America was never that great.” No wonder New York is declining. America from 1619 was an oppressive country. The oppressors were white males. If you are a white today then you have succeeded because of White Privilege. The young whites are befuddled with guilt over white privilege. I remember the past iterations of middle class guilt and ancestral guilt. Now it’s White Privilege. If you’re White, you succeeded because of the built-in advantages of whiteness. Whiteness, not hard work, created your success. You should feel guilty if you’re white. The Woke do not understand that the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. Hard work leads to success. Every country over centuries has sins in its past. Slavery was an abomination. So was Jim Crow. The treatment of the Native Americans was reprehensible, throwing them in reservations “out of sight, out of mind.” The internment of Japanese Americans in concentration camps in World War II is equally reprehensible. That America no longer exists, except in history books. An African American served as President for eight years. An African American is a Republican Senator from South Carolina, That is not a nation of systemic racism. The KKK doesn’t lurk hidden in every police officer, waiting for the chance to murder an African American. The Declaration of Independence is aspirational and inspirational: “We hold these truths to be self-evident…..All men are created equal” was factually untrue in 1776. Slaves were unequal as were women. The vote was limited to roughly 5% of the population, property owning white males. 41 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence owned slaves. It is thereby flawed as an instrument to cover oppression. 25 of the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention were also slaveowners; so it too must be flawed as an instrument of perpetuating slavery. Such is the thought process of the American Levelers. The ignorance of these Levelers is astonishing. Many have degrees from prestigious universities. Therein lies the underlying problem. Colleges were cathedrals of learning, opening up students’ minds to critical analysis and critical reasoning. The traditional humanities were designed to fulfill the individual and provide a well-rounded education. Too many of today’s courses and programs close minds by indoctrinating students. They’ve learnt to blame the problems of the world on colonialism and white males, who have oppressed women and all other races in history. Their education emphasizes what’s wrong with America. They’re ignorant of history, except on Jimmy Kimmel and Comedy Central. The Greatness of the Revolutionary Declaration of Independence and Constitution The Woke Generation is woefully ignorant of the founders and founding documents of the United States and civics. The woke are so sure of themselves and ignorant of history that they cannot see the greatness and bravery of the founding documents of the United States of America. Let us remember Joe Biden’s classic “We choose truth over facts.” The White founders of the United States created the framework that led to the affluence and freedom of speech of the woke generation. Capitalism brings them the products and services they enjoy and take for granted. The Declaration of Independence was a revolutionary statement in the history of man. Equally revolutionary, the Constitution laid out the rights of the people. These revolutionary documents liberated the people from the divine rights of kings and queens. The Declaration of Independence for the first time in history set out the rights of the people in seeking freedom. Individuals, the people, have rights! The signers would have been hung by the British if the Revolution failed. The Constitution protects the rights of the people against the government by limiting the powers of the federal government to enumerated powers. The most critical provision in the Constitution is Article V which provides a mechanism for amending the Constitution. The first ten amendments are the Bill of Rights, again a revolutionary concept in the history of civilization. The First Amendment provides for Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, the right of assembly, and to petition government for a redress of grievancee; The fourth Amendment protects against unlawful searches and seizures, including the requirements for warrants, requiring probable cause; The Fifth Amendment provides for Due Process of Law and protects against Double jeopardy and Self-Incrimination; The Sixth Amendment mandates a speedy and public trial and the right to counsel; The Eighth Amendment bars cruel and unusual punishment; The 13th Amendment banned slavery; The 15th Amendment granted the freed slaves the right to vote; The 19th Amendment granted women the right to vote; The 24th Amendment eliminated the Poll Tax. On Slavery and the Slave Trade I will not in any way defend slavery or the Middle Passage. It was an abomination embedded in millennia of history. Slavery was not an institution unique to America. The global practice predates the Old Testament (Torah) which tells us the Jews were enslaved by Pharaoh. The Spartans had helots. The Spanish actually preceded England in bringing slaves to America in 1565 to St. Augustine. England (1807) and the United States (1808) led the world in ending the slave trade and then slavery itself. England ended slavery in 1833 by compensating the Caribbean slaveowners. The United States ended slavery through the Civil War. Every northern state had abolished slavery before the Civil War. An estimated 110,100 battlefield casualties for the Union occurred during the Civil War with another 224,500 dying from disease. The disproportionate disease to battle death toll was very common until last century. The vast majority of the casualties were white. In other words roughly 300,000 Whites died to free the slaves. That is the real White Privilege. They shed their red blood for the slaves. Both slavery and the human sex trade still exists in the world today. Both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union employed slave labor. The Intolerance of the Left They espouse tolerance, but are intolerant to those they disagree with. An example of their ignorance of American values is a 2017 Survey of College Students. 70% favor open campuses with all types of speech. 56% say protecting free speech Is extremely important for society. Sounds good, but both are way short of 100%. The survey results continued. They do not value free speech. 64% believe the Constitution should not protect hate speech. 73% support policies to limit offensive slurs, and 34%, 1/3, said it could be appropriate to shout down speakers. In short, these generation are characterized by intolerance. Hate speech seems to be anything that conflicts with their core beliefs. Nikole Hannah-Jones, the New York Times writer who created the 1619 Project, received a Pulitzer for it. Free Speech is not her mantra. The New York Times published an Op-Ed, “Send in the Troops”, by Senator Tom Cotton. The Times’ staff rebelled. Nikole tweeted: “I’ll probably get in trouble for this, but to say nothing would be immoral. As a Black woman, as a journalist, as an American, I am deeply ashamed that we ran this.” She also said: “So this adherence to even-handedness, both sideism, the view from nowhere doesn’t actually work in the political circumstances that we’re in. And what a lot of people said is that, you know, it is fine. We as a news organization must air the opinion of someone like Senator Tom Cotton, but in a news article where we can check the facts, where we can push back, that you just hand over your platform to someone that powerful making assertions that might have been unconstitutional and, most certainly, some of them were not accurate.” The truth is that Senator Cotton was constitutionally and factually correct. The same is not true about her 1619 Project. Free speech to the Woke, but not all. Socialism Capitalism is viewed as oppressive because it has winners and losers. Socialism is seductive; it promises equality to everyone, and succeeds with equality of poverty, except for the privileged few. The Bolsheviks seized the villas of the rich. The Commissars then lived in them. Our generation read Animal Farm. They should. The equality of communism and socialism is poverty. Check out Cuba and Venezuela as well as China and India before they discovered capitalism. Socialism sends out a Siren call to the Woke; Free, Free, Free! Free Tuition! Democratic socialism is an oxymoron. Socialism has to oppress the individual in the name of the masses. Socialism cannot succeed if it is democratic. It has to take from those who have. Democratic socialism seems the solution because they confuse “socialism” with social progress. Democratic socialism seems attractive because of their ignorance of Economics and history. AOC was an economics major. We must wonder what she was taught. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an example of a young entrepreneur who failed in her first effort. Rather than learning from her mistakes, she turned to Democratic socialism, not realizing it is an oxymoron. Social justice is not socialism. It cannot be; social justice favors some classes over others. The Woke are increasingly anti-Semitic. Miscellaneous Secular Humanism and affluence have taken their toll. The youth have lost faith in God. Yet an emptiness exists. Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are not God. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are not Angels. Wikipedia is not the Gospels. The internet is their universe, but it is not the Universe. Environmentalism and fighting climate change have become a religion to many. They watch Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and view it as Gospel, not realizing the famous hockey stick was factually flawed. Just coincidental, the looting occurred in Democratic cities where the looters knew the mayors would restrain the police. The governors removing statues are also Democrats. The Others You have the clueless dolts (is that an oxymoron?) such as Mayor Be Blasio of New York City and Representative Ilhan Omar. She can say “Some people did something.” The “something” was 9/11. The Obamas spent 20 years of imbuing the Liberation Theory of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright: “Not God Bless America, But God Damn America.” Thus Senator Warren and President Obama can say “You didn’t build it.” Mayor Frey of Minneapolis is an example of a Millennial who still has much to learn. Some, such as Seattle’s Mayor Durkan, are in denial. They cannot believe what they see with their own eyes. The Democratic mayors and governors are scared of upsetting the Black note. They will not turn on their constituency. Final Comments The past month proves the maxim that is easier to destroy than create. Two and a half centuries of American history, 2 1/2 centuries of creating modern America are being destroyer, eviserated and trashed. They Woke can erase history, but not expunge it. Erasing history makes us ignorant, or increases the ignorance of the Woke. Life is too short to be consumed by hate over the past. Hatred blinds the actor to reality, the facts and the truth. Hatred prevents moving ahead.

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