Monday, June 22, 2020

Occupy Capitol Hill

Civilization is a this veneer which barely contains the true nature of people. A similar phrase is “Civilization is just a thin veneer in the absence of law and order. In the absence of law and order, man quickly revert to savagery. Seattle is testing the veneer. I wasn’t sure whether to satirize or condemn the occupation of Capitol Hill. I lived on Capitol Hill at one time, but on the opposite side facing Lake Washington, the Arboretum and a slice of Mt. Rainier. Capitol Hill is an affluent community. Nothing farcical exists about the seizure of a part of an American city. Seattle’s East Precinct Police Station was under seize for 11 days, protected by barricades, police and the National Guard. Suddenly they abandoned the station, and the mob rushed in, quickly claiming a six block area, to be named The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (Chaz), and now renamed the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest area. One consistency is that it remains a No Cop Zone, with the foreseeable results. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin explained she “wanted to demilitarize the posture” and thus ordered the police to abandon their station. Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee had an interesting take when asked about the occupation of Capitol Hill. He claimed ignorance. He knew nothing about it. He was either duplicitous or incompetent, or both. No one’s admitting to ordering the police to abandon their precinct. Police Chief Carmen Best denied giving the order. Mayor Durkin soon called it a patriotic block party. I’ve never been to a block party with men toting AK47s acting like Toy Soldiers. She even added it could be a Summer of Love. I was in San Francisco in 1967, the Summer of Love. I never saw armed men playing toy soldiers, toting AK47’s. Stoned, Yes; Armed, No! Summer of Love? or Shooting Gallery? Law and Order or Lawless Anarchy. What is CHAZ? It seems to be an unorganized, unplanned commune of the Far Left that is acquiring a despotic organization. Anarchy rules. When will Mayor Durkin or Governor Inslee decide, if ever, enough id enough? One young male was shot to death Saturday evening and a second seriously wounded. A third was wounded Sunday. This 17 year old male claimed the Mafia Code of Omerta and refused to talk to the police. Seattle Police holding their revolvers attempted to enter the peaceful summer of love zone Saturday and were encountered by the mob. The Seattle Officers only had two choices: retreat or shoot. The mob knew the police would not shoot. They also knew Mayor Durkin had disarmed, defanged is a better the term. By barring them from using tear gas, pepper spray or smoke bombs to disperse protesters. Between the homeless occupying downtown Seattle and the CHOP mob, the thin veneer of civilization is severely frayed in Seattle.

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