Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Protected First Amendment Speech and Expression

First Amendment Protections Speech “Hate” Speech Stupid Speech Writing Press Religion Demonstrations Parades Marches Picketing Siting on the grounds of state capitols and city halls Political Speech Gestures Movies and TV Songs Art Cartoons Obscene Language Posting Billboards Bumper Stickers Placards Armbands T-Shirts Flyers Hanging in effigy Hanging flags and banners Yardsigns Burning the American Flag Porn, except children porn Editorials Campaign Contributions Video Games Lawler Advertising Note; The test is not good taste nor bad taste Reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions are fine Here’s What Not Protected Defamation Fraud Inciting Violence Trespassing Looting Arson Rioting Vandalism Assault Battery Violence Throwing bricks at police officers Throwing Molotov Cocktails into police vehicles Throwing other projectiles Blocking traffic on roads and freeways Discrimination against religion Contempt of a judge in court

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