Monday, October 24, 2016

Operation FUBAR: The Pentagon is Hounding California National Guard Members for the return of their Enlistment Bonuses Plus Penalties

Who is the Pentagon Bureaucrat Hounding California National Guard members for the Return of their Enlistment Bonuses? The story broke yesterday that the Pentagon is seeking the return of enlistment bonuses paid to California National Guard members a decade ago for their reimbursement. The Pentagon seeks $20 million from 10,500 soldiers. It is executing a blitzkrieg on their finances. The Pentagon is not seeking to return their broken and missing limbs, their shattered psyches from PTSD, or their lives. The Pentagon will let them retain their purple hearts. The heartless, anti-military Obama Administration is seeking not only the amount of the original bonuses, but also a 1% processing fee, interest and penalties. It is showing a fury against our brave soldiers, a fury not shown against the nation’s enemies, a fury previously hidden in the Obama Administration, a fury not shown in Afghanistan or Iraq, a fury against our wounded warriors. $1.7 trillion in cash to Iran’s murderous mullahs, but $20 million back from our valiant warriors. The Pentagon claims that an audit showed enlistment improper bonuses were paid through the California National Guard, and thus need to be repaid. If anyone screwed up on the enlistment bonuses, it was California, but the Pentagon is only seeking the money back from the innocent soldiers who put their lives on the line for their country. I have to believe the Secretary of Defense and other top management officials in the Pentagon would not be so stupid as to sign off on this FUBAR, which we will now label Operation FUBAR. We have to presume that the politically savvy Top Brass would understand the political blowback and public relations nightmare of stiffing our valiant warriors in Operation FUBAR. If they signed off on it, then we are in worse shape than thought. The VA Scandal is an ongoing nightmare for the Pentagon. Operation FUBAR magnifies the Administration’s disregard for the military. Operation FUBAR smacks of a decision by a low echelon, pencil pushing, bean counting bureaucrat.

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