Friday, October 21, 2016

Donald Trump Is Right in Refusing to Immediately Sign On to the November Election Returns; A Rigger Election is a Distinct Possibility

Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump if he would accept the election returns Trump answered we “would look at it at the time.” The media went ballistic, as if Donald Trump was caught in flagrante delicto committing treason. They claim it is impossible to rig a national election. Yet the Democrats are crying “The Russians Are Coming; The Russians Are Coming” as Vladimir Putin is attempting to control the American election. You don’t have to rig the vote nationally, but only in a few states, and just a few counties in those states. Mayor Daley in Chicago and “Landslide” Lyndon Johnson in Texas proved that you could rig the vote in 1960 to elected JFK President. Landslide Lyndon earned his nickname with his fraudulent 87 vote victory in the 1948 Senate Democratic primary in Texas. Remember Al Gore and Florida in 2000. He contested the Florida vote. We learned all about hanging chads and butterfly ballots. Vice President Al Gore, the Democratic Party and the connivance of the Florida Supreme Court tried to reverse the voting results and deliver the state and national election to Al Gore. Their mantra was “All votes count,” but they tried to exclude the absentee military votes, which are often delayed in reaching Florida. The Supreme Court 7-2 ended that madness, but even years later Senator Hillary Clinton joined the Democratic chorus in proclaiming President George W. Bush was “selected, not elected.” Donald trump believes the election is rigged. Why not? Senator Bernard Sanders believed the Democratic primary season was rigged for Secretary Clinton. He was right; the Wiki Leaks disclosures affirm that theory. The Justice Department said it will selectively monitor polling booths. The Justice Department has become a political arm of the Obama Administration. FBI Director James Comey has subverted the FBI to the Obama Administration and Clinton campaign over her emails. The Internal Revenue Service, which was caught discriminating against The Tea Party and other conservative organizations, is still slow balling them. A Federal judge just ordered the IRS to expedite the Tea Party applications by November 11, 2016, three days after the Presidential election. The Republicans want voter ID. The Democrats oppose it. Why? Voter fraud Early voting by mail is especially susceptible to fraudulent voting. Anecdotal evidence exists of mass signature signings in dormitories and nursing homes, and registering large numbers of non-citizens. Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe, an old friend, ally and bagman, of the Clintons, attempted to register almost all 200,000 ex-cons in Virginia; most of whom will vote Democratic. The Virginia Supreme Court overturned that, but he is back to granting the vote to at least 13,000 ex-cons. Florida showed that only a few votes can determine the election. Virginia is a key battleground state this election. Donald Trump will have trouble winning the election if he loses Virginia. Donald Trump believes the election may be rigged. The Veritas Tapes show Democratic operatives hiring “thugs” to ferment violence at Trump rallies. The Veritas tapes show the Democratic operative telling how to organize fraudulent voting. Scott Foval bragged they were doing it for 50 years. James Cramer, one of the operatives, visited the White House 342 times during the Obama Administration and met with the President 47 times. Dirty tricks! Of course Donald Trump believes the election may be rigged.

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