Friday, October 7, 2016

How Much More Can We Trivialize This election?

This election is clearly about the future of America. Will the United States continue down the Obama road of transformation into stagnation, government healthcare, weakened national security, slow job growth, bankrupting governmental pensions, and the list goes on? Or will this election be about restoring American greatness and exceptionalism? Will this election be about jobs and restoring upper mobility? What are the respective roles of the state and the individual? Those are the stakes in this election. How much time will we spend fact checking arcane points? Do we need someone to fact check the fact checkers? These are the trivial points. The New York times ran a front page article on Senator Marco Rubio’s speeding tickets, mostly by his wife. The New York Times ran a front page article on senator Marco Rubio’s luxury boat, which turned out to be a fishing boat. The New York Times criticized Senator Marco Rubio for his student loans. We hear stories of Donald trump’s hand and penis size. What difference does it make how "Nevada" is pronounced? We hear stories at the debate about Donald Trump insulting Miss Universe 2 decades ago over her weight. We hear a misogynist trump tape from 12 years ago. Russia threatens the United States, and Trump’s tape leads the news, displacing even a hurricane. If we want to go to that level, then he may be a MCP, but unlike President Clinton, he never raped a woman, nor have his wife organize a campaign to muzzle bimbo eruptions. Yet, this is the election we have. The Democratic candidate can’t run on her record, so she has to demonize him. Trump can’t run a campaign away from his inner self. Are you better off than you were 4 years ago? That is not a trivial question.

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