Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Over the Top Reactions to President Obama's Reelection

Clearly, not every American is enamored with the election results. President Obama won reelection in a heavily divided electorate.

He won, and that’s what matters. He will now try through executive orders and administrative regulations, if legislation is impossible, to fulfill his vision as a transformative President.

His vision is one I fundamentally disagree with. He wishes to transform the American people from one of self-reliance and independence, from one of entrepreneurship and drive, to a people dependent and reliant upon the government, his government.

His vision was thus shown in that God-awful Julia slide show, whereby Julia is dependent upon President Obama, the great father figure, for everything and each step in her life.  It would have been labeled a brilliant satire if prepared by Governor Romney mocking the President.

Alas, it is a sad self-portrait of the Obama mindset.

Alas, elections have consequences, and he was elected. That’s the nature of democracy. Your people may lose, decisively lose, and they did.

Many Americans have gone to extreme lengths to express their displeasure with the election results.

Let’s ignore the thousands who have threatened or vowed to leave the United States. Only a few will renounce their American citizenship. I’m not moving to Canada, Australia, or anywhere else. I love America too much.

Then there are those who wish to secede from America. The petitions are spreading like a prairie fire. Over 800,000 thousand signatures seeking secession have been received in the past couple of days from every state. Secession was tried and failed 150 years ago. It’s not going anywhere today.

Several Americans are exercising their First American Rights by flying the American Flag upside down.

Other citizens have taken action into their own hands.

Some students at Ole Miss rioted a few hours after the election results, spewing out racial epithets. It did not catch on nationally.

Holly Solomon, a 26 year old, six months pregnant rabid Romney supporter in Arizona. She fears a second Obama Administration will be devastating to her family business. She and her husband have been engaged in many heated political debates. Her response this time when she found out he hadn’t voted was to run him over in her SUV.

Henry Hamilton in Key West, proprietor of a tanning salon, told his partner that he was not going to be around long if Obama were reelected. He committed suicide from a drug overdose two days after the election, leaving behind a living will, which said “Do not revive. Fuck Obama.”

Cope Reynolds, owner of the Southwest Shotting Authority in Pinetop, Arizona advertised his new store's policy of not selling guns to ammo to Obama voters: "If you are dumb enough to vote for Obama again - after four years of this - I don't think you are responsible enough to own a firearm. I don't care who it makes mad."

Anecdotal stories exist of doctors retiring early, reducing their practices, exiting Medicare and the like.

Other stories are of employers laying off workers or converting employees to part time status.

To paraphrase Bette Davis,  “Fasten your set belt; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

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