Thursday, November 15, 2012

Friday is a Deer Hunting Holiday for Detroit

An urban lore of buying Detroit cars is don’t purchase cars made on Monday, Friday, or the first day of Hunting Season.

Hunting is a big sport in America with an estimated 11 million hunters. About 650,000 deer hunters participated in Michigan’s hunting season last year, adding up to a half billion dollar industry.

An estimated 700,000 hunters will take part in Michigan’s hunting season this year.

Much of America celebrates Veterans Day, a federal and state holiday. Banks, the post office and other businesses are closed on Veterans Day.

The Detroit auto manufacturers offered to make Veterans Day a paid holiday for the auto workers.

The UAW, representing its members, said that’s nice, but politely deferred. The union suggested that since Veterans Day will normally be about a week before the first day of deer hunting season, Detroit should make it a flexible holiday, so that a three day weekend could coincide with the start of the hunting season.

Many auto workers, who are highly patriotic, thereby honor our distinguished veterans by shooting a buck.

Saturday is the official start of Michigan’s hunting season for deer. Therefore, tomorrow is a paid holiday for Chrysler, Ford, and GM workers.

Illinois’ begins on Sunday with Indiana and Wisconsin opening their seasons on Monday. Ohio starts later on November 26.

The auto companies did not have a choice in the matter. If Veterans Day remained a paid holiday, the Big Three would be faced with a high "sick" leave rate about a week later on the opening of hunting season. The quality of the cars built on that day would drop, and the “sick” workers would receive a day of sick leave.

Many might grieve for the targets, the White Tail Deer. Never forget that a hunter orphaned Bambi.

The deer population dropped to half a million in the late 1800’s. The deer though are very prolific. With natural enemies, such as pumas and wolves decimated in much of their range, the estimated white tail deer population in the United States is between 20-25 million.

They breed faster than the hunter’s shot or the archer’s arrow.

The problem for America is that this holiday adds to Detroit’s economic disadvantage. The imported car manufacturers don’t take the day off.

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