Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Random Thoughts on Congressman Anthony Weiner

I bet Congressman Anthony Weiner wishes Al Gore never invented the internet.

Congressman Weiner shows that cybersex is not always safe sex.

I do not expect politicians to be saints. We, as humans are imperfect, so why should politicians, often with excessive testosterone levels, be saints? I don't approve their conduct, but I'm not surprised. I don't expect them to act stupid though.

Once again, immorality, corruption and sleeze are bi-partisan and non-partisan (Republicans Schwarzenegger, Vitter, Ensign, Craig, Ney, Cunningham, DeLay; Democrats JFK, LBJ, Clinton, Edwards, Spitzer, Hart, Mills, Jefferson, Massa, McGreevy, Torricelli, Condit, Traficant).

California has seen three prominent politicians in recent years engage in tawdry behavior: Democratic Mayors Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaragousa and Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

None though engaged in rampant, unwanted cyber sex. No plausible denialabity when you post it on line.

I expect politicians to lie, especially when campaigning for office, but I don’t expect them to act stupidly.

Congressman Weiner loved face time – second in New York politics to only Senator Chuck Schumer, who was once his boss. The Congressman is now getting tons of face time with the media.

Congressman Weiner will resign for he committed several cardinal sins.

First, he has embarrassed the Democratic Party, distracting them from their campaign against Congressman Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal. Downloading one’s junk unto Twitter is questionable for anyone, but a member of Congress? Sexting and cyber sex is not that swift either, but when you don’t even know the recipients, it becomes stupid, bizarre, and reckless. It doesn't matter if it is a celebrity, athlete, or politician.

Second, his earlier lies about his Twitter being hacked, had several friends and media allies defending him, searching for the culprit, and speculating it was Andrew Breithart. They are embarrassed and compromised professionally.

Third, former President Bill Clinton certainly understands power as a sexual aphrodisiac, but he performed the wedding of Congressman Weiner and Huma Abedin, a long time advisor and aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Fourth, Congressman Weiner never understood one of the cardinal rules of life – be nice to those you pass on the way up for you may see them again on the way down. Like former Governor Eliot Spitzer, he has no friends standing by him. Congressman Weiner was the designate pit bull for the Democrats. He was always front and center on the attack against Republicans, preaching morality and good government. Within the Democratic caucus, he was known not as a workhorse, but a show horse. He was not popular, even within his own party.

Fifth, he has lost his effectiveness in Congress and for the Democratic Party.


Why isn’t Nancy Pelosi cleaning the swamp and ending “The Culture of Corruption” in the Democratic Party? In short, why is she not demanding Weiner’s resignation? Of course, she also did not seek the resignations of Congressmen Charles Rangel or William Jefferson, of whom the FBI found $90,000 in cash in his freezer. As soon as Congressman Mark Foley’s emails surfaced, Speaker Hastert’s office typed up Foley’s resignation letter. So too with Speaker Boehner and Congressman Lee’s shirtless texts.

Why do New York politicians get involved with sexual scandals, Governors Spitzer and Peterson, Congressmen Chris Lee, Eric Massa, Vito Fossella, et al, while Illinois politicians go for the money?

Where are the feminists?

Why weren’t either Huma Abedin or Maria Shriver standing by their man during their public confessionals?

How did the National Inquirer miss this one?

How can you do your job in Congress representing the people, when you are sexting a former porn star, a blackjack dealer in Vegas, a college student in Washington, the list goes on?

Can Huma make it as a single mom?

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