Sunday, June 19, 2011

Governor Palin Versus Congressman Weiner - The Tale of the Net

Once again the media descended onto Alaska, looking for a Palin moment, searching for a blooper, smoking out the stupid statement, the ultimate gaffe, to doom the Governor once and for all. The media salivated to pound the final nail into her political coffin.

Their holy grail was a 55 lb. box containing 24,199 pages of Governor Palin’s emails while in office. Since they had convinced themselves the Governor was stupid, the proof would be in the emails. The media even enlisted volunteers to search through the emails – volunteers who presumably were not supporters of the Governor.

2419 emails – not one smoking gun, not one phrase to be taken out of context.!

The New York Times and Washington Post discovered Governor Palin was a loving mother, hard working public servant, ambitious politician, and she disliked the media. Not one email opened the Governor up to ridicule or contempt. Not one email tarnished her image. She had her act together.

Not one email, not one gaffe blew up in her face.

They diligently searched and found nothing.

They didn’t search for dirt on Congressman Weiner. He threw it into their faces.

The old media didn’t search for Congressman Weiner. He was the Democratic attack dog, the pit bull against the Republicans. They loved him. He fed them red meat.

Then he let it all hang out on-line the new media.

Both the Governor and Congressman twitter. It’s a major communications tool for the Governor, a communications major in college. She uses it to convey her political messages to her followers.

Her twits are informational, political, and persuasive. His are lewd, lascivious, and salacious.

He uses twitter to sext. He follows his followers on-line, opening up his inner charms for all to see.

The internet is amazing in its inherent ability to summon forth one’s past, often one’s forgotten past, one’s repressed past.

None of these embarrassing moments in the life of Governor Palin have emerged. The Congressman’s internet profile is the opposite. Once upon a time he dressed in women’s clothes. The internet has it all.

Disclosures on the internet can still be a drip by drip. Unlike the earlier days, the internet drip is faster.

She uses publicity; he needs publicity.

She’s comfortable in her skin; he needs to preen.

She’s natural; he’s still fighting the inner geek.

The Governor is who she is. The Congressman is who he needs to be.

She uses twitter for political purposes; he uses twitter to sext.

She didn’t engage in sexting, much less serial sexting.

He reveled in serial sexting; “look at me now” to college coeds and porn stars.

She didn't cyber sex unwilling women. He cyber sexually assaulted unwilling women.

She’s assumed stupid – 5 colleges to graduate from the University of Idaho. He went to SUNY Plattsburgh.

Who’s stupid now?

She loves her family; he professes to love his family

Positively nauseating to see his twitters

She’s the darling of the Tea Party; he’s the darling of the Left

And now comes the attention seekers – those who want their 15 minutes of fame.

Gloria Allred and Ginger Lee, once a porn star and now an exotic dancer, surfaced in New York with a press conference. He had over 100 communications with her.

She was outraged.

Imagine, a woman who’s done it all, seen it all, in every conceivable position, was indignant at his sexts. Imagine a porn star, who hung out with Charlie Sheen for 2 years, wished to be taken seriously; he needed fulfillment. How low can you go?

Nothing salacious in Governor Palin’s emails or twitters. No sexting with college students or porn stars.

No narcissism or Adonis behavior.

Both can get face time in a nanosecond. She uses the media; he needs the media attention.

He’s brash, even by New York standards.

The tale of the net.

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