Friday, August 27, 2021

Trying to Explain President Biden Afghanistan's Policy

President Biden on Afghanistan Alternative Universe Befuddled Boneheaded Clueless Denial Delusional Dim Bulb Diminished Capacity Dimwitted Good backside in answering questions Forgetful Hapless Head’s Down Ignorant Ill-informed Instructed Intransient Lying Mendacious Misinformed Misrepresentations No memory of (it) Only Hears what Wants to Hear Out-of-Touch Self-deception Self-delusion Self-rightous Sequestered Shell-shocked State of denial The elevator doesn’t go up all the way Thoughtless Tone Deaf Cognitive decline, but can still read TOTUS Joe Biden has a history in his adult life of lies, plagiarism, and gaffes, the subject of a future blog.

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