Thursday, June 23, 2016

House Democrats Are Staging a Sit-In: Why??????

Most House Democrats, accompanied by several Democratic Senators, are engaged in a new exercise in futility. They are demanding that the House vote on gun control measures that have zero chance of enactment, already having been rejected by the Senate. The Democrats couldn't enact gun control when they controlled the House, Senate, and Presidency during President Obama's first two years in office. They certainly cannot do it now. They are demanding passage of a bill that will prohibit forbid persons on the Do Not Fly List or watch list from purchasing guns. That’s a very superficially appealing objective. The Do Not Fly List has a presumption of guilt before innocence and is notoriously inaccurate. For example, Steve Hayes of the Weekly Standard, a commentator for Fox News, was on the list. Senator Ted Kennedy had TSA problems, as did Congressman John Lewis, the civil rights icon, who ironically is leading the House sit-in. If passed, this measure would not have prevented the following shooting tragedies: Orlando San Bernardino Aurora, Colorado Sandy Hook Virginia Tech Columbine Chattanooga Charleston Isla Vista Santa Monica Seal Beach Brookfield Oakland Tucson Minneapolis Oak Creek Fort Hood Umpqua Community College Colorado Springs And the list goes on The hundreds of killings, often gang related, in Chicago, Baltimore, South Central LA, and the rest of our inner cities Nor would it have saved the lives of any law enforcement officers who have been murdered in recent years. It would not have stopped any of the shooting tragedies - none of them! The Democrats are employing the Rahm Emmanuel philosophy of never letting a good emergency go to waste. They are hoping to gin up public support for some version of gun control, whether or not it will solve in whole or part the problem. The House Democrats have resorted to the sit-in as a publicity stunt. These are not college students protesting the Vietnam War, CIA recruiters, or demanding freedom of speech. One irony of the sit-in is that the Democrats were filmed bringing food into the House- food from Chick-fil A, which I thought they were boycotting as anti-gay. These are our elected representatives who presumably have no better use of their time. House Speaker Ryan says it is just a publicity stunt. Yes, but it does serve one crazed, deceptive goal of the Democratic leadership: Deflect publicity and attention from Radical Islam Terrorism If so, how cynical, perverted, sad and tragic!

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