Wednesday, June 8, 2016

25 Guidelines for Building Legos

After roughly a quarter century of building Legos, first with my sons, and now for myself, I have discovered the secret for successfully building Lego sets: 1) Ignore any suggested building times 2) It somewhat helps to presort the pieces before starting construction 3) The brick separator usually provided by Lego is the most critical piece in the kit 4) Long finger nails when the brick separator won’t get the job done 5) A flashlight to search for Legos 6) Have great eyesight to distinguish subtle Lego hues 7) Legos yearn for freedom. Small, near microscopic Legos, take flight on their own 8) You cannot duplicate, program, or reverse engineer the flight path of the fleeing Legos 9) A new spectator sport is "Watching the Flying Legos" 10) Legos, especially near microscopic Legos, are expertly, almost Chameleon like, camouflaged in their hiding spaces 11) Build on an enclosed solid white table 12) You will discover your mistakes 10 pages later 13) If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit 14) Those who like to glue the kits together should not do so until the end 15) Save the leftover Legos from previous builds for spare parts 16) Legos come in seemingly infinite sizes, shapes, and colors 17) Your spare parts supply will not contain replacements for the near microscopic Legos of distinctive shapes and colors 18) Do not contact Lego for missing pieces until the end 19) Do not be under the influence 20) The 99.99% completed kit will come apart in your hands as you apply the final pieces. See number 7 above 21) Have an understanding spouse 22) You will encounter the Kit from Hell 23) Lego is/is not a 4 letter word 24) You can do it 25) Patience

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