Sunday, January 17, 2016

Tonight's Democratic Debate: Senator Sanders versus Secretary of State Clinton: Who Cares?

Tonight is the Democratic Debate between Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of New York, Arkansas, Illinois or the world, and Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland. Why watch? Why would you believe anything Secretary Clinton says? The faux populist was once a Goldwater Republican and a Director of WalMart while her husband was a populist Governor of Arkansas. Her views vary with the wind and focus groups. Why trust Secretary Clinton who defended her husband’s philandering by organizing the Campaign Against Bimbo Eruptions, in which women who came forward with claims of sexual assault against her husband were trashed. That is the real War Against Women – not her faux War Against Women. Bill Clinton’s conduct was as reprehensible as Bill Cosby’s. Why Senator Sanders? The Senator is authentic. He’s been a true progressive when it wasn’t popular. He has consistently adhered to his economic views. They may be wrong, but they are honest. Who cares if Secretary Clinton scores points tonight? She is as authentic as a three dollar bill. She has the arrogance of charging Senator sanders with changing positions. I forget, is she from Illinois, Arkansas, or New York? You should hear her fake Southern accent. Does Secretary Clinton live in Chappaqua or in her townhouse in Georgetown? Is Secretary Clinton a populist? She hasn’t driven a car in two decades. Why trust Secretary Clinton. She pulled a Brian Williams in claiming to have landed under fire. Why trust Secretary Clinton when she cried poverty having signed a multi-million dollar book contract. Why trust Secretary Clinton when she chronically lied about her government email? Why trust Secretary Clinton when she three Ambassador Stephens under the Benghazi bus? Why trust Secretary Clinton when she lied about the cause of Benghazi, blaming it on a video nobody had watched? Senator Sanders is originally from Brooklyn. He has New York values. Secretary Clinton may list Chappaqua as her legal resident, but she lacks New York values. We know she lacks New York values because she lacks values. The Secretary is attacking the Senator on gun control and ObamaCare, hoping to attract Democratic votes in the primaries. These issues will be deadly in the general election. Ask Al Gore about Tennessee and West Virginia. Senator Sanders’ views on ObamaCare are simple. It doesn’t go far enough. He believes a single payer system is the desired goal. We’ve already witnessed the disaster of a single payer system with the Veterans Administration, but he’s authentic in his views. She attacks the Senator claiming he is against ObamaCare. She even sent her daughter, Chelsea, out on the stump attacking the Senator for opposing ObamaCare. One can say many wonderful things about Chelsea, but she lacks media presence. She came across stilted as if she were reading talking points she didn’t believe in. How sad! The effect was to increase contributions to the Sanders campaign. Senator Sanders has restricted views on gun control. He represents Vermont, which has a high percent of single issue voters on gun control. Neither he would be a Senator from Vermont or Howard Dean a Governor of Vermont if they supported gun control. What about Governor O’Malley? He’s running on his record as Mayor of Baltimore and Governor of Maryland. That’s not an attractive CV. Why would believe anything Secretary Clinton says, in or out of the debate?

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