Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Democrats Contempt for Republicans

What is it about Vice President Gore, President Obama, and Vice President Biden?

All three showed rudeness to, and contempt for, their debating opponents. They reflect the disdain many elitists have for Republicans and especially conservatives. Intellectual superiority is an escape mechanism for the elitists. Many in the media fuel these biases.

President Eisenhower was not particularly sharp. Doopy Dwight twice defeated the intellectual Adlai Stevenson. Senator Barry Goldwater was a crazy war monger. President Nixon was sleezy. President Ford, with a Yale law degree, was both stupid and a klutz, destroyed by Saturday Night Live. President Reagan was a stupid, trigger-happy cowboy. Vice President Quayle, President George W. Bush (with Harvard and Yale degrees), and Governor Sarah Palin were intellectually challenged. Governor Palin also received the full Saturday Night Live treatment. Senator Dole was a dolt.

Vice President Gore helped elect Governor George W. Bush President in the 2000 debate when he repeatedly audibly, and obnoxiously sighed during Governor Bush’s remarks and then at one point strolled over from his lectern and virtually stood in the Governor’s face.

President Obama stood off to the side looking bored and unprepared, broken up by a number of smirks directed at Governor Romney.

Vice President Biden, when he wasn’t smirking, interrupted Congressman Ryan between 80-100 times. The twice plagiarist is not that smart.


The answer becomes obvious. They hold their Republican opponents in contempt. Vice President Gore considered himself intellectually superior to Governor Bush, but won’t release his Vanderbilt transcripts. Senator Kerry also considered President Bush inferior, but then the Senator’s Yale transcript was released. The Senator wasn’t so bright afterall. Vice President Gore and Senator Kerry weren’t alone in their disdain for President Bush, The acerbic Texas Governor Richards called him “shrub.” They all lost to him. The Democratic intelligentsia considers President Bush stupid. Wasn’t Karl Rove Bush’s brain – at least in their minds?

President Obama possesses an inflated opinion of himself, supported in his hubris by many in the media. He is always, in his mind, the most brilliant person in the room. He has no need to keep up with the daily intelligence briefings because he already knows it all in his mind. He didn’t feel a need to prepare for the first debate. He is also consumed by the brilliance of his rhetoric.

Contempt, disdain, and rudeness do not solve the nation's problems.

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