Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Don't come to Charlotte" The New Democratic Campaign Slogan

Avoid Charlotte: The Democrats New Campaign Slogan.

Avoid Charlotte. Do not attend the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Congressman Steve Israel (N.Y.), Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, advised Democratic candidates to avoid Charlotte. He said “If they want to win an election, then they need to be in their districts.”

It’s not a boycott of Charlotte, although some Democratic constituencies would like to boycott the entire state of North Carolina.

Why might Democrats avoid Charlotte?
1)      The state is a right to work state.
2)      State voters voted overwhelmingly to ban gay marriage.
3)      It’s the home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame; Bubba doesn’t vote Democratic.
4)      Charlotte’s the headquarters of the Bank of America.
5)      North Carolina is voting Republican this year.
6)      Charlotte is a wonderful city, but lacks sufficient watering holes downtown.
7)      Jesse Helms used to be a Senator from North Carolina.
8)      None of the above.

The correct answer is none of the above. Being a Democrat, running for election or reelection this year and especially meeting with President Obama, is radioactive in many states and Congressional districts.

It’s a strategic boycott of President Obama.

Candidates may sometimes meet and greet an unpopular President, Democrat or Republican, for fundraising purposes. However, President Obama has told House and Senate candidates they are on their own. His fundraising is just for himself. The President might as well be singing Toby Keith’s “I wanna talk about me.”

So much for party loyalty!                                                                                                             

Among those announcing their absence from Charlotte are Senators Claire McCaskill (D. Mo.), John Tester (D. Mont.) and Joe Machin (D. W. Va.), Governor Earl Ray Tombin (D. W. Va.), and Representatives Nick Rahall (W. Va.), Mark Critz (Pa.),  Kathy Hochul and Bill Owens (N.Y.), Jim Matheson (Utah), and John Barrow (Ga.).

The President’s anti-coal animus is converting the once solid blue state of West Virginia into a red state. Even the United Mine Workers in West Virginia cannot support the President.

The three senators are in difficult reelection campaigns and the two New York representatives are in swing districts.

 The Democrats sense a second Republican landslide in a row.

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