Thursday, June 14, 2012

Did You Know President Obama delivered A Major Speech on the Economy Today?

President Obama Delivered a Major Economics Speech Today.

Yes, he did; he really did.

What if they give a major speech and no one covers it?

President Obama delivered an economics speech at Cuyahoga Community College today in front of a friendly audience of 1,500. He labeled the speech as a major address on the economy.

His staff put the word out earlier in the week that he would present no new ideas on the economy. Therefore, the purpose of the No New Ideas Speech would be to frame the debate for November. The President would lay out the differences between him and Governor Romney.

What if they gave a speech and no one covered it? The 54 minute speech was so void of new ideas, but so full of standard President Obama talking points, otherwise known as clich├ęs, that it received little coverage in the media, even on the media’s web pages.

He read the words off TOTUS beautifully, as he usually does, but to quote Gertrude Stein’s famous statement about Oakland “There is no there, there.”

The No New Ideas Speech referred to his support and help for the Middle Class.

Immediately after the speech, he flew on Air Force One to New York for a fundraiser with the Top One Percent, headlined by Sarah Jessica Parker and Amy Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue magazine, also known as the role model for Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Streep was also scheduled to be at the fundraiser.

In essence, he has framed a campaign between the failed policies of the past and his vision for the future. To rephrase the issues, it’s a debate between the failed policies of the past (Bush and the Republicans) and the failed policies of the present (Obama and the Democrats).

Which has created more jobs?

What are his no new ideas ideas? Tax increases on the rich, public funding of infrastructure improvements, and increased funding for public employees. His $870 billion Stimulus Bill was sold as “shovel ready jobs,” but he joked in Charlotte, North Carolina last July at a “Jobs Council” that “Shovel-ready wasn’t as shovel-ready as we expected.”

That's not funny.

The good news about the President’s speech is that it wasn’t the standard “Blame Speech.” “Blame Bush, blame ATM’s, blame Bush, blame on-line ticketing, blame Bush, blame Big Oil, blame Bush, blame oil speculators, blame Bush, blame Europe, blame Bush, blame the Fat-Cat bankers, blame Bush, blame bondholders,blame Bush, blame the Chamber of Commerce, blame Bush, blame private equity, blame Bush, blame the Catholic Church, blame Bush, blame the health insurers, blame Bush, blame the drug companies, blame Bush, blame the Republicans, blame Bush, blame Congress, blame Bush, blame partisan gridlock, blame Bush, blame earthquakes, blame Bush, blame the Japanese tsunami, blame Bush, blame Fox News. blame Bush, blame Sean Hannity, blame Bush, blame Rush Limbaugh, blame Bush,blame the Supreme Court, blame Bush.”

He didn't play a broken record this time - just an empty one.

The question for the American voter is “What has he done for you in 3½ years?”

It’s the economy, stupid!

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