Friday, October 14, 2011

The Paul BunyanTrophy is at Stake

Tomorrow is the Big Game, the fight for the Paul Bunyan Trophy, a 4’ piece of wood,
which is not to be confused with the Paul Bunyan Axe. Michigan plays Michigan State to decide the best football team within a 63 mile diameter. It might actually be a good game.

Who will win?

Who will be exposed as a great pretender?

6-0 Michigan or 4-1 Michigan State?

Michigan State should be favored.

Michigan leads the series 67-35-1. ,

Little Brother has grown up, beating down Big Brother the last three games. Last year’s score was 34-17, but it wasn’t that close.

Michigan was 4-1 two years ago, when it lost to Michigan State. The Wolverines won only one more game that year.

Michigan was 5-0 last year, and then lost to State. The team only won 2 games over the rest of the season.

Michigan is now 6-0 and plays Michigan State. ?????

A void exists in Schembechler Hall, a vacuum where Paul Bunyan normally resides.

Michigan State has the better players, a great coach in Mark Dantonio, the best defense in the nation, the home field advantage (especially the clock), no major injuries, a bye week, and The Jinx.

No first year Michigan coach has beaten Michigan State since Bennie Oosterbaan in 1947.

Not Bo in 1969 (23-12 loss). Bo beat Woody, but the loss to Sparty haunted him.

Not Mo in 1990 – 27-28, close, but still a loss.

Not Lloyd in 1995 (25-28)

Not Rich Rod in 2007 (The Coach whose name shall no longer be used)

The Coach who shall not be named recruited in Florida, essentially ignoring Michigan and Ohio. Mark Dantonio, from Michigan and Ohio, has spent 4 years at Michigan State recruiting the best players out of the State of Michigan.

Both teams played Notre Dame earlier in the season. The Wolverines won as the Irish choked, but then The Fighting Irish destroyed the Spartans the following week.

Michigan State plays a traditional Big Ten, smash mouth football. Michigan did not for the past three years. Whether or not it can regain its old-time swagger in 7 games remains to be seen.

Michigan has great coaches,DRod, an improved defense, and youthful enthusiasm.

Michigan State dominated the series from 1950-1969, 14-4-2, winning or sharing the national title in 1965 and 1966. Then came Bo and the dominance of Michigan. Even Nick Saban in 5 years at Michigan State could not capture the magic he has since shown at LSU and Alabama.

Go Blue.

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