Tuesday, July 26, 2011

President Obama's Problems

First, he thinks he’s President, but has no idea of what the President does.

President Obama read the 2008 election results as a mandate to radically transform America.

The American public has tuned him out.

He’s pounding talking points into the sand.

Leadership is not reading the same talking points like a broken record.

Nor is leadership relying on focus groups.

Community organizing is not Presidential Leadership

He has burnt out the Bully Pulpit.

Some speakers grow on you.

Others wear on you.

He ignored the economy. President Clinton never forgot “It’s the economy, stupid.”

He’s ignorant of economics.

Demagoguery is not leadership.

Consensus is not achieved through trashing the opposition in divided government.

He’s become irrelevant to members of Congress of both parties in the legislative process.

He forgot about unification and consensus government once he achieved office.

President Clinton achieved reelection through triangulation. President Obama is currently running to the left of the Senate.

No balanced approach was sought in the Stimulus Bill.

Politicians in D.C., especially in the White House, live in a cocoon.

Representatives and Senators try to get out with the public. That too will drop after the crazy shooting of Congresswoman Giffords in Tucson, Arizona. The President does not meet with the public for security reasons.

The President is
A) Petulant
B) Narcissistic
C) Arrogant
D) Frustrated by having to cancel golf matches and fundraising events

The President has become Johnny One Note
A) Corporate Jets
B) Millionaires
C) Fairness
D) Balanced

He hasn't learned that the more he speaks on a subject, such as health care, the more unpopular it becomes

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