Monday, February 8, 2010

President Obama Drove Through a Blizzard Saturday

President Obama drove five minutes through a blizzard Saturday to the dispirited and depleted DNC to rally the troops, warm them up, cheer them on, boost their spirits, push them, exhort them to "Win One for the Gipper," whatever you do to a disheartened political body.

President Obama remains cool under the coolest of circumstances as long as he has TOTUS.

Actually he didn’t drive. It was a full motorcade going just two blocks to the Capital Hilton, and one of the cars with reporters was struck by a tree on the way back. The carbon footprint stood out in the snow.

President Obama deserves credit. Even the postal workers took the day off on the “Smowmageddon” or “Snowpolcalypse.” So did many of the DNC members who couldn’t make it because planes and trains were cancelled.

DC can’t handle snow. They do great with hot air and bull, but not snow.

The supreme irony is that as DC digs out from its second monster blizzard in 1½ months, the Obama Administration is plowing forward with its plans to reshape America in its Crusade against global warming, except in blizzards when it is referred to as global climate change.

The Administration may or may not be fighting a global war against terror, but it is definitely fighting a stealth war against global warming, perhaps a phantom opponent.

The current public campaign is the unhealthy, and perhaps lethal for Democrats in November, health reform. The House also passed a cap and trade bill, which, even before Massachusetts, was going nowhere in the Senate.

Other Obama Administration priorities are financial reform, card check, closing Gitmo, jobs,nationalizing student loans, but only climate change measures can be unilaterally imposed by the Obama Administration without Congressional legislation, thanks to the 5:4 Supreme Court decision two years ago in Massachusetts v. EPA.

The Administration is using its full regulatory powers to implement carbon controls, cap and trade, and whatever else comes along.

Just today the Secretary of Commerce announced a new agency in the Commerce Department, the vaguely named Climate Service Agency. Secretary Gary Locke, apparently blinded by the 32.4 inches of snow at Dulles International Airport, and the mere 17.8 inches at Reagan-National Airport, proclaimed “climate change represents a major threat.” Forget the “change” part, he meant global warming because that is what the Obama Administration is acting against.

Forget the 16 inches of snow that fell on DC December 19, and the up to 2 feet expected later this week. Global warming remains a threat that calls for mustering all the Administration’s forces.

Ignore the fact that the IPCC 2007 Report, the gold standard which, along with former Vice President Al Gore, won the Nobel Peace Prize, is rapidly turning into fool’s gold.

The SEC wants worst case global warming impacts reflected in shareholder statements and the CEQ wants global warming considerations discussed in NEPA statements.

NASA may not be going to the moon again, but it will study the climate.

Who needs Congress when you have the agencies?

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