Friday, February 26, 2010

The Political Stupidity of the Obama Health Reform Acts

Question: Why is the 2,000 page Senate Health Reform Bill politically stupid?

Incorrect Answers
1. It’s an e-coli case of sausage making
2. Blue Dog Democrats will bleed red in November
3. George who?
4. Jimmy Carter is looking better and better
5. The Democrats may do worse in this midterm election than in Clinton’s
6. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are abysmal public faces of the Democratic Party
7. It daily reminds Americans of what they dislike about government
8. It sucks the oxygen out of the air of all the other Obama political initiatives
9. Doctors know best
10. Take 2 aspirin and see your Senator in the morning
11. Chicago rules don’t work well in America
12. Reconciliation usually doesn’t work in broken marriages
13. It’s generating too much carbon dioxide in D.C.
14. The pro-life/pro-choice battles are renewed
15. Win one for the Teddy
16. It breeds cynicism
17. It's simply socialism by another name
18. The elites always believe they know what's best for Americans
19. Reform doesn't work with convicts
20. Raising taxes during a recession/depression is a economic loser
21. Congress couldn't even run its cafeteria
22. The scores of tax increases will go into the general fund and not lockboxes
23. “It’s the economy, stupid”

Correct Answer

Both FDR with Social Security and LBJ with the Great Society front loaded the benefits and backended the taxes, which we are now paying. The Obama proposals front load the taxes and postpone the benefits until after the 2012 elections.

Taxation without benefits is a novel, indeed revolutionary, political approach. Medicine should relieve pain, not aggravate it. Three years of pain followed by the “cure,” will not survive the three years.

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