Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Scott Heard Around the World

David slew Goliath

Appalachian State upset the Mighty Wolverines in the Big House

Scott Brown decisively defeated Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts Senate race, one of history’s great political upsets.

The unknown Republican state senator defeated the Democratic machine candidate, the state’s attorney general

The sacrificial lamb was a ram

Senator Scott Brown touches the people. Martha campaigned above them. She was as out of touch with the American people as Governor Michael Dukakis when he ran for President.

Senator Brown is the rhetorical equal of President Obama.

Scott Brown ran a classic grass roots campaign while Martha Coakley brought in the heavy weights, President Obama, President Clinton, and the Kennedys. Scott Brown though had the endorsements and assistance of Doug Flutie and the Yankee fan Curt Schilling.

The Republicans in the Massachusetts state legislature traditionally play the role of the Washington Generals against the Harlem Globetrotters. The Democrats treat the Republicans as gnats.

Yes, she ran a bad campaign, but many Senators and Representatives run bad campaigns and win when they ride the wave.

“Please come to Boston. She said no” goes the song. Why campaign in Boston when you can raise campaign contributions from drug industry lobbyists in Washington, D.C.?

The great shrines in Boston are Fenway Park and the Garden. She insulted the people of Massachusetts by replying to a reporter’s query “why should she campaign by shaking hands in front of Fenway when it is freezing?” You can be elitist in Massachusetts, but don’t campaign as one. The Democrats, who campaign on the side of the ordinary people, don’t hesitate to tax Joe Six Pack. If you represent them though, do not campaign as an elitist above them.

Martha Coakley may be Irish Catholic, but in rejecting a conscience clause in the health care bill, she stated “Maybe Catholics shouldn’t work in emergency rooms.”

She stated there were no terrorists in Afghanistan when suicide bombers were blowing up Kabul.

She was elitist and out of touch.

Yet, as the Massachusetts great Democratic leader Tip O’Neil stated: “All politics is local.”

Martha Coakley had the problem that her governor and state legislators imposed substantial income and sales taxes on Massachusetts while the state unemployment rate is 10%. Someone in the majority party had to pay for that.

Massachusetts is the birthplace of the American Revolution with “The shot heard around the world.”

Massachusetts is the home of the Boston Tea Party, but also where the Tea Parties did in fact represent the American people.

Massachusetts is where Shay’s Revolt in the early days of the new nation was a warning against taxes.

Massachusetts is where, exactly one year after Senator Obama was inaugurated, the people revolted against the socialist, anti capitalistic agenda of President Obama and the radical Democrats in Congress.

Massachusetts is the home of the Boland Amendment, but even Massachusetts voters reject the Anti-Americanism foreign policy of the Obama Administration.

Massachusetts, the bluest of blue states which voted for George McGovern, halted the Democratic attack on the individual, the entrepreneur, the creator of wealth.

Massachusetts may no longer want to be known as “Taxachusetts” and the “People’s Republic of Massachusetts.”

New Jersey and Virginia were warning shots to the Democrats, but Massachusetts has just gone nuclear.

Massachusetts may be a progressive state, a liberal state, but it also the state of the independents.

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