Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is a Massachusetts Political Miracle in the Making?

Another Massachusetts Miracle?

The Massachusetts economy rebounded in the early 1980’s, based upon Route 128 and the growth of the financial industry.

Governor Michael Dukakis sought the Presidency in 1988 by heralding “The Massachusetts Miracle,” which he took credit for.

The Massachusetts Miracle was failing by the time of the November 1988 general election. Route 128 was centered on the mini-computer industry. Where are Digital Equipment, Wang, DEC, and Prime today? Governor Dukakis was spending the state into an economic debacle – sounds like many states today. The Governor barely carried Massachusetts against Vice President Bush.

One week from today, January 19, 2010, a new Massachusetts Miracle may emerge. Possibly, just possibly, a Republican could win the United States Senate seat held for eternity by Senator Ted Kennedy.

Massachusetts, the bluest of the bluest states, may vote Republican as New Jersey and Virginia did last November.

Massachusetts, where the GOP should petition the United States Fish & Wildlife Service for listing, and then protection, as an endangered species.

No Republican currently holds statewide office or any Congressional seat in Massachusetts. They occupy about 10% of the state legislative seats. The Boston Globe, the money losing Boston Globe, still shrills for liberal democrats.

The last Republican United States Senator from Massachusetts was Senator Edward Brooke, who served from 1967-1979. He was defeated for election by Congressman Paul Tsongas because of financial irregularities in his divorce.

Senator Brooke, a Republican, was the first African-American Senator since the 19th Century.

The Democratic candidate this year is Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley. Her Republican opponent is state Senator Scott Brown.

Martha has run an uninspiring campaign, attempting to tie Brown to President Bush and his tax cuts. Massachusetts is also known as Taxachusetts, and sometimes as “The People’s Republic of Massachusetts.”

Scott has tagged Coakley to President Obama and his health care plan, as well as her plans to raise taxes. President Obama may be a liability in this election.

Last night in a statewide debate, she asserted that there are no terrorists in Afghanistan. Her campaign continues to shoot itself in the foot. In a print ad attacking her opponent, she misspelled Massachusetts.

Senator Brown raised $1.3 million in internet contributions yesterday from small contributors.

Attorney General Coakley’s home page touts she “held health insurers accountable.” Tonight she flew to D.C. for a fundraiser where lobbyists for health insurance companies are pouring funds into her campaign.

Hypocrisy is not a criminal offense for politicians.

A poll a few weeks ago showed Coakley ahead by 30 points. A Boston Globe poll a few days ago showed her lead down to 15%. A more recent poll shows the race even or even Brown ahead by 1%.

The Attorney General received 73% of the vote three years ago in her election as Attorney General. President Obama carried Massachusetts by 26 points in November 2008. Yet he is becoming an albatross even in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts may be a liberal state, but independents actually outnumber Democrats and Republicans combined. Independents oppose the health care plan.

Will Brown win in Massachusetts? Probably not, but if he does, or even keeps the election close, incumbent Democrats throughout the country should follow Senator Bryan Dorgan’s lead to the exit doors.

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