Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Memo to President Biden and the Democratic Party: What Goes Around, Comes Around

Memo to the Democrats: What Goes Around, Comes Around Remember the success in threatening to impeach President Nixon? They called it Watergate. He resigned. Remember President Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, and his obstruction of justice? The Republican House impeached him, but the Senate acquitted him. President Clinton subsequently settled with Paula Jones, pled guilty to obstruction, and was disbarred. Payback came from the Democrats twice impeached President Trump with no legal or factual basis. The Republicans have the memory of elephants. They could impeach President Biden for cognitive impairment or corruption with Hunter Biden, but probably not. Vice President Kamala Harris is President Biden’s impeachment insurance. The time will come. Remember President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid eliminating the Senate filibuster on district court and court of appeals judges? Republicans responded by eliminating the filibuster on Supreme Court justices. Think Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Comey-Barrett. President Obama wanted to minimize the chance the D.C. Circuit would overturn his Obamacare. Three appointees to the D.C. Circuit were approved with the lack of a Republican filibuster Obama used reconciliation to push ObamaCare through. Republicans passed tax cuts through reconciliation that jumped the economy. Remember Speaker Pelosi and other Democrats demanding President Trump take a cognitive functions test and the call for the 25th Amendment? Remember Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, personal physician to Presidents Obama and Trump? President Trump nominated Admiral Jackson on March 28, 2018 to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Democrats then unleashed a barrage of accusations against Admiral Jackson attacking his character and ability to lead the VA. Admiral Jackson withdrew his nomination on April 26, 2018 and then retired from the Navy on December 1, 2019. Remember Ronny Jackson? He’s baaaack! Admiral Jackson is now Representative Jackson from Texas’ 13th Congressional District. Representative Jackson is demanding President Biden take the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) test, the same test Dr. Jackson administered to President Trump. Remember Representative Marjorie Taylor Green? Speaker Pelosi on a party line vote had Congress strip her of all appointments in Congress because of her outspoken remarks. The Republicans will return to House control. The question is which Democrat(s) will the Republicans single out for retribution? Will it be Representative Ilhan Omar because of her incessant anti-Semitism? How about Representative Eric Swalwell still on the Intelligence Committee after sleeping with a Chinese spy? Then there’s Representative Adam Schiff who lied for two years to the American public on the Russian hoax? Why not all three as a trifecta? What about eliminating the nation’s magnet academic high schools to do “equity”? Drive the Asian Americans to the Republican fold. Want to make the District of Columbia and perhaps Puerto Rico states to get more Democratic senators. Watch the Republicans create more conservative states out of eastern Washington, Oregon and California, and elsewhere in the country. Mess too much with the Constitution, watch the Republicans when they control two-thirds of the state legislatures call a Constitutional Convention Force Justice Breyer with a lifetime appointment off the Supreme Court, pack the Court with four new progressives, watch the Republicans pack the Court with six conservatives.

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