Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Both Sides Now of President Joe Biden

Let’s gloss over the historic gaffes and misstatements of Senator/Vice President Biden. Let's ignore the five decade history of plagiatism and self glorification. Let’s go straight to the presidential inconsistences. Where to begin? How about his current pet phrase America suffers from “systemically racism?” Yet, he and Vice President Harris both affirmed Senator Tim Scott’s post State-of-the Union Response that American are not racists. How about his current pet phrase America suffers from “systemic racism?” One alleged manifestation of systemic racism is the “excessive” incarceration of African Americans and Hispanics. Senator Biden sponsored The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, also known as the 1994 Crime Act or Biden Crime Law. The Biden Crime Law resulted in high incarceration rates. Both presidential candidate Joe Biden both and President Biden promised to follow the science on the Coronavirus. The CDC now recommends persons vaccinated need not wear masks outdoors. He selectively does saying it’s only a precaution and that it’s “It’s a patriotic responsibility, for God’s sake.” His sense of patriotism includes cancelling the traditional 4th of July Fireworks at Mount Rushmore. President Biden signed an executive memorandum to prevent political appointees from interfering with career federal scientists. That memo did not apply to the American Federation of Teachers influencing and writing part of the CDC Guidelines. Presidential candidate Joe Biden was outraged at President Trump’s anti-Asian shutdown of travel from China. President Biden just shut down travel from India. President Biden said they was no crisis at the Border, but then on April 17 said the Border was a crisis. Oops a gaffe, which in Washington speak means accidentally telling the truth. His staff immediately backpedaled. Then four days ago he blamed the crisis on President Trump for not consulting with him and disclosing information during the transition. Unity. President Biden called for national unity in his Inauguration Address. He is now trying to jam the progressive agenda through Congress on raw partisan votes. The blowback and payback will be vicious. He opposes the Green New Deal by name, but is implementing it in fact.

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