Saturday, April 3, 2021

Just Wondering: Questions, Mysteries, and Incongruities in 2021 America

The border is open; schools are closed. You need a Covid test to fly into the United States, but not to illegally cross the border. Why are teachers volunteering to teach migrant children, but not their regular students in their classroom. San Diego teachers are offered a choice of teaching their regular students or the migrant children housed at the San Diego Convention Center. Will the migrants teachers teach the migrant children that America is a racist country? You need a driver’s license to board an airplane, but not to vote. Progressives want 17 year-olds to be tried as juveniles, but to let 16 year-olds vote. Several elite universities express solidarity with Asian Americans after the Atlanta shootings, but discriminate them in admissions. The Covid-19 virus emerged from Wuhan, China, quite likely from the Wuhan Institute, but WHO is clueless How can a cop killer decades later end up on a police reform panel in Ithaca? How is it that Felicia Friedman could survive the Nazis, Auschwitz and the Holocaust only to fall victim in a Long Island nursing home because of Governor Cuomo? Can one utter vicious anti-Asian racist statements and not be racist? Soon to be ex-San Francisco Board of Education member Ali Collins is finding out.. How many council members and supervisors who have voted to defund the police also have personal security at taxpayer expense? What ever happened to MLK’s preaching of forgiveness and judging people by their character rather than their race? Does DEI, diversity, equity, inclusion include intellectual diversity? Can President Biden spend trillions of dollars without igniting inflation? How much less will President Biden’s tax increases raise than forecast? Which has a lower percent of the advertised purpose of the bill: Covid relief in the $1.9 trillion Covid relief Bill or infrastructure in the $2 trillion Biden Infrastructure Bill? How many jobs have Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and the Squad created? Lester Holt in accepting the Edward R. Morrow Lifetime Achievement in Journalism Award said: “I think it’s become clearer that fairness is overrated. … Our duty is to be fair to the truth,” this from the evening news anchor of a network that played fast and loose with the truth during the Trump Presidency and suppressed negative news – the truth – about Joe and Hunter Biden. How about Secretary of Transportation riding a bike to resident Biden’s first cabinet meeting Thursday? April Fool’s. It was a publicity stunt. He arrived at the White House in an SUV with a staffer unloading the boke from the SUV. Why do the climate zealots Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Kerry fly private jets? Does Major League Baseball deal with China, but not Atlanta? Covid hypocrites include: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Senator Diane Feinstein Governors Gavin Newsom (Cal.) J.B. Pritzker (Ill.) Gretchen Whitmer (Mich.) Tim Walz (Minn.) Andrew Cuomo (N.Y.) Tom Wolf (Pa.) Mayors Steve Adler (Austin) Lori Lightfoot (Chicago) Muriel Bowser (D.C.) Eric Garcetti (L.A.)) Bill De Blagio (N.Y.) Jim Kenney (Philadelphia) Berkeley Federation of Teachers President Matt Meyer Chris Cuomo

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