Thursday, March 11, 2021

New York Governor Has Four Strikes Against Him: New York Will Soon Have a New Governor

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Has Four Strikes Against Him: 1) 15,000 Nursing Home Victims; 2) #MeToo; He’s Now expendable, and 4) Andrew Cuomo Albany is getting very hot for Governor Cuomo in the dead of winter. Sometimes the pressure is a slow drip; It’s burning rocks for the New York Governor. First he ordered nursing homes to accept Covid diseased patients to relieve the burden on the hospitals. The facilities were ill-equipped and poorly staffed to handle scores of Covid cases and quarantine them. The residents and staff, especially the residents, were unable to fight off the disease. The Governor said he was simply following the federal guidelines. That was a falsehood. He bragged about how well he handled the situation. Only 10,000 died in the homes. He published a laudatory book, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons From the Covid-19 Pandemic. Someone ghost wrote it for him, but he took credit patting himself on the back Scratch that. It was more like 15,000 deaths. He lied about the number of fatalities. Even worse his administration concealed, falsified the numbers in reports to the state and federal government. Whoever involved in the falsification of the federal report has committed a felony. Let’s see where the buck stops on this one. He might have survived the nursing home tragedy, but then the #MeToo Movement became the et tu Cuomo Movement. Day after day, more women are complaining of sexual harassment by the Governor, six to date, with evidence to back up the claims. Minnesota Senator Al Franken was run out of the Senate on less facts. Many of the strongest attackers against Justice Kavanaugh have tried to mute themselves on Governor Cuomo, but it’s not possible. Too many accusers have come forward. They are not to be ignored. Third, Governor Cuomo was idolized by the media, perhaps even presidential material. He won an Emmy for his handling of Covid. The third term governor’s head was swelling with adoration. Andrew Cuomo was the anti-Trump. President Trump is out of office with no twitter feed. The media doesn’t need to prop up Governor Cuomo today. He’s expendable. Fourth Andrew Cuomo is Andrew Cuomo’s greatest opponent. The governor is a bully. In many ways he’s a New York streetfighter such as President Trump. Governor Cuomo violated a maxim of life – “Be kind to those you pass on the way up; you may see them again on the way down.” He has no good will in the bank with scores of New York politicians. They are sharpening their knives for Governor Cuomo. New York Mayor Bill de Blagio, usually treated with contempt by Governor Cuomo, is demanding the governor resign. The good news for Governor Cuomo is that hardly anyone cares what the otherwise incompetent Mayor de Blasio says or thinks. The Governor’s cornered, but in a state of denial. He’s pleading due process and let the legislative process continue. He’s daring the New York Assembly to impeach and the New York Senate to remove him from office. Every new accuser shortens the Governor’s time in office. I believe in due process and the presumption of innocence. Senator Al Franken was not accorded due process. Representative Katie Hill did not receive due process. Governor Cuomo has new found recognition of his constitutional rights, the same rights he wished to deny Judge Bret Kavanaugh. He called the unverified Christine Blasey Ford accusations against Judge Kavanaugh “very compelling.” He demanded the judge take a polygraph test: “If he does not take a polygraph, it is the ultimate.” He called the confirmation vote “a sad day for the country.” Therein lies the problem. Not giving due process, he doesn’t deserve due process. Governor Cuomo will join former Governor Eliot Spitzer, former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, and former Represetative Anthony Weiner in the New York Political Hall of Shame.

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