Friday, December 11, 2020

Cancel Senator Dianne Feinstein: The Drum Beats Are getting Louder: They They'll Go After President Biden

I blogged on September 26 that “Democratic Knives Are Sharpening for Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein.” The professed fears were that she would be weak in opposing the nomination of Judge Amy Comey Barrett to the Supreme Court. The Republicans had the votes to push her nomination through. That’s raw politics. The end of the filibuster on judicial nominations prevented the Democrats running the clock out. They can thank former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for that. One Senator said “She’s not sure what she’s doing.” They are about to learn that what goes around comes around. Four years of obstructing President Trump and treating him as illegitimate will be repaid the next four years of the Biden-Harris Presidency One Senator said “She’s not sure what she’s doing.” The Senator at 87 is the oldest sitting Senator. Suddenly a few days ago the whispering campaign against Senator Feinstein broke into the open. New York Magazine published a long article of the Senator’ cognitive decline based on undisclosed sources, usually former staffers. That’s not a coincidence! One of the repeated stories is that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer had to twice tell Senator Feinstein she had to step aside as Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee because she forgot the first time. Another example is that she asked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey the same question twice during a Senate hearing. She doesn’t remember briefings. Wajahat Ali, opinion writer for the New York Times, wrote: This is a sad read, but Feinstein needs to graciously retire for the sake of the country.” Politics have little loyalty. Politicians are too ambitious. California Democrats are salivating over the prospect California Governor Gavin Newsom can appoint two of them to the United States Senate. 28 years in the Senate – a consistent progressive. She would talk moderate, but vote progressive. It’s time for the Senator to move on. San Francisco is in the process of removing her name from an elementary school. The San Francisco Unified School District appointed the School Names Advisory Committee to review the names of its schools in light of the current cancel culture movement. The committee recommends renaming 44 of the District’s 125 schools, including George Washington, Lincoln, Balboa, Lowell (my alma mater), and Mission High Schools, Herbert Hoover, Roosevelt, Presidio Middle Schools, and Junipero Serra, Francis Scott Key (my alma mater), Alamo, Sherman, Ulloa, Commodore Sloat, John Muir, Paul Revere, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jefferson, Monroe, Garfield, McKinley, El Dorado, Sutro, Webster, Sanchez, Jose Ortega elementary schools, as well as Stockton EES. Senator Feinstein is in good company on this list of the builders of America, California, and San Francisco. The woke Neanderthals are doing their best to cancel American history and culture. The Senator's term continues through 2024. It's her decision to resign or stand for reelection, the twitter mob and progressives notwithstanding. Speaker Pelosi raised the 25th Amendment a few months ago in theory against President Trump. It was actually directed at Joe Biden. If he backs away from the loud progressive wing of the Democratic Party, they will 25th Amendment him. A cognitive challenged President will not stand in the way of the Democrats’ progressive agenda if they gain control of the Senate. He can sign their bills or step aside. He’s campaigning for the two Democrats in Georgia; he has to. His Administration will be in better shape though if they lose. President Elect Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden is a ticking time bomb for his father. The media is no longer covering it up. Here’s the dilemma for the country. The Democrats view President Biden as a placeholder for progressive Vice President Harris to assume the presidency. If the Republicans control the Senate, they do want Vice President Kamala Harris to become president. She is his presidential insurance policy.

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