Saturday, August 15, 2020

Mask Wearing in the Age of Covid-19, Except Wisconsin

We have been in a mask required, optional, freedom of choice for about half a year. We can now make observations on America’s mask culture. A full Burka, very rare in the United States. A designer full facial mask. The political mask, such as the American Flag, or BLM. The over-priced mask. A scarf or bandana, very colorful, but ineffective. The non-95N blue facial mask, usually from China, the effectiveness of which is questionable. The one-ear flapping, dangling mask. The half-mask, mouth only mask, so the wearer can proudly show off the proud proboscis. The wrist danngling mask flapping in the wind. The chin mask. The neck protective mask, dangling around the neck for no apparent reason, except perhaps to hide scars. The nanosecond on-off mask which appears on the face one nanosecond before entering a stop and drops off the face one nanosecond after exiting a store, oblivious to the health risks toothers. The never been washed mask. The plastic plate in lieu of a mask. The plate and full mask, the most effective combination. The maskless bicyclists, joggers, walkers, dog walkers, baby walkers, and especially the Sturgis bikers Alas, no mask guaranteed to unfog your glasses. Wisconsin is in a league of its own. The Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources instructed employees to wear a mask even at home while on a Zoom or other virtual conference with non-DNR employees to set an example. The Governor's order requires masks when outdoors or indoors with anyone outside their living unit or family. Thus, wear a mask when having sex with a non-spouse or household companion. "Honey, your mask was so good tonight."

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