Saturday, July 18, 2020

Queen Elizabeth Knights Captain Sir Tom Moore

Captain Sir Tom Moore Was Knighted Today by Queen Elizabeth Captain Tom Moore is an inspirational story in a time of distress, such as the current coronavirus pandemic. The captain turned 100 on April 30, 2020. He trained as an engineer, but was then drafted in 1940 into the Duke of Wellington Regiment. He entered the British version of our Officer Candidate School. He was commissioned and transfered to the Royal Armoured Corps. He served in India, Burma and Sumatra during the war. He fought in the brutal Burma Campaign. He survived the war and dengue fever. The indominable Captain Moore was treated two years ago by the British Health Service for skin cancer and a broken hip. He is grate for the NHS nurses. He also bought a treadmill afterwards for his rehab. He decided to walk 100 laps in his garden to raise £1,000 for the NIH workers. He did it “for the sake of the nurses.” Each lap was 25m, 82’ in his garden in Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire. He began his “Tom’s 100th Birthday Walk For The NHS” on April 6. He completed his 100th lap early on April 19 with an honor guard from the Yorkshire Regiment in a live broadcast on the BBC. A large Captain Tom billboard overlooks Piccadilly Circus in London. David Beckham paid him a visit, naming him the first member of the Lionsheart squad of heroes. He already became an honorary colonel of the Army Foundation College. The knighthood investiture was a British throwback to the Great War. The young Princess Elizabeth joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service and trained as a truck driver and mechanic. Elizabeth Windsor was serving her country then as she does in a more regal way today. The two veterans met for the first time with Captain Tom wearing his medals. Captain Moore’s daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore, owns a consulting firm. She sent a letter to local media. The story went viral as if it had originally been posted on social media. He suddenly became a national hero, an inspiration. He received over 220,000 birthday cards. He completed his 100th lap on April 16. The Royal Airforce did a flyover, April 30, on his birthday with a Hurricane and Spitfire, their two great fighter planes from the war. Prime Minister Boris Johnson called Captain Tom a “Point of Light.” One tribute was “A beacon of light through the fog of coronavirus.” £1,000? No, £32,794,701 – roughly $40 million. Piers Morgan contributed £10,000. Prince William contributed. The Queen knighted Sir Captain Tom Moore on the grounds of Windsor Castle, the first time she’s been seen in public for some time because of Covid-19. He called it “an absolutely outstanding day.” He already became an honorary colonel of the Army Foundation College. The 94 year old Queened knighted the 100 year old veteran. He stood during the ceremony, joking to reporters before the ceremony: “If I never kneel down, I’ll never get up again.” His entrance into Windsor Castle was heralded by bagpipers of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. His legacy will live on in the Captain Tom Foundation.

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