Thursday, April 9, 2020

Essential or Non-Essential Businesses in the Time of Covid-19

Essential or Non-Essential Services: Open or Shut Most states have adopted stay-at-home rules to a greater or lesser extent, with exceptions for essential services. The question, state by state, is “What is essential?” These are tragic times. Therefore I do not mean this list as satire. These are simply the businesses and places which have sought exemptions or which vary from state to state. Bars/Pubs Bicycle Shops Beaches Casinos Cigar Shops Cleaners Craft Stores Dermatology Golf Courses Gentlemen’s Clubs Gun Stores Farmers’ Markets Fitness Centers Hiking, Biking & Riding Trails Hobby Lobby Hone Improvements Stores Indoor Malls Liquor Stores Massage Parlors Outdoor Malls Pet Stores Places of Worship Pot Shops Smoke Shops Surfing Tattoo Parlors WWE

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