Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Never-Trumpers Are Now Dumping on President Trump Over the Coronavirus While the President Navigates Unchartered Waters

The Never-Trumpers Are Now Dumping on President Trump Over the Coronavirus While the President Navigates Unchartered Waters No matter what President Trump does, it’s wrong. Overreact, underreact, he’s wrong. The reaction has become instinctive. Think of it as a political Jack in the Box – it just keeps jumping up. Wind the Never-Trumpers up, and they spring up with bile. Gail Collins in the New York Times on February 27 wrote let’s call it Trumpvirus instead of coronavirus: “If you’re feeling awful, you know who to blame.” Ben Rhodes, the Obama media-manipulator, says we’re in a dystopian nightmare.” Vice President Joe Biden, who doesn’t know where he is and confuses his sister with his mother, criticized the President’s Coronavirus plans as “severe shortcomings.” The Washington Post called him “besieged.” The Never-Trumpers suffering from the Tramp Derangement Syndrome are besieged by their hatred. He initiated the ban on China travel on January 31. Senator Schumer criticized the ban on February 5. The purpose was to keep out, or at least delay, the entrance of the virus into the United States. The President initiated a travel ban on most of Europe four days ago. He was panned. Many countries as of today have imposed travel bans. They include Argentina, Austria, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Netherlands, Peru, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Germany is imposing borders on its adjoining neighbors. The list will be growing rapidly. China, Italy and Spain have imposed total lockdowns. Hoboken has a mandatory nighttime curfew. Pandemics have struck the world in the past: the plague, Spanish Flu, HIV, Sars, MERS. All are different. No clear protocol or roadmap exists to combat Covid-19, spread by globalization. We are learning a new vocabulary, especially social distancing and community spread. President Trump is navigating unchartered seas. The modern global world has not seen such a rapidly spreading, virulent virus. Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom, has closed. Police have closed Bourbon Street. March Madness is cancelled. College and pro sports are basically gone from TV. The Washington Monument is off-limits. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is shuttered. Apple and Nike are closing stores. Starbucks is cutting back. Graduations have been cancelled. Schools will be distance learning. 1932 witnessed a run on banks. 2020 is experiencing a run on toilet paper and supermarkets. ?????? Ski slopes are closing while the snow is falling. America’s economy will take a major hit. The first goal was to contain the virus inside Asia, or at least slow its spread in the United States. The President did that with the travel boycotts. American would be in worse shape today without the travel boycotts. Most epidemics have a bell shaped curve. China is on the downside of the curve. The United States is on the rise. The hope is to slow the rise and flatten the curve, thereby reducing the exposure and especially the death toll. A major result of slowing the spread, starting with the China Travel Boycott, is to increase preparedness for the inevitable contagion with training, medical supplies, facilities, and test kits. The Administration is holding two briefings daily, keeping the public informed. Experts are providing information and answering questions. The President is present at several of them. The Never-Trumpers don’t recognize or understand that, regardless of the “static” in the media and Congress, President Trump gets things done. They will fight the virus as well or better than any country, with the possible exception of Singapore. The Never-Trumpers will not still themselves.`

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