Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Mayor Pete Buttigieg and the Millennials Pose the Greatest Threat to President Trump's Reelection

Speaker Pelosi, the iffy impeachment, the media, celebrities, academia, Democrats and Progressives are not President Trump’s problem for reelection. It’s Mayor Pete and the Millennials. I was wrong a few months ago. I thought Beto O’Rourke was The Man. Beto turned out to be a narcissistic goofus. Thank God he didn’t win the Texas Senate seat of Senator Ted Cruz. It’s now the turn of Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Mayor Pete presents a fresh, “moderate’ fresh to the election - a reprieve from the traditional trite, samo samo politicians. He’s like President Emmanuel Macron of France and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, a new wave of feel-good, non-confrontational, energetic candidates. Mayor Pete - Harvard, Rhodes Scholar, Navy Intelligence – looks good on paper He’s appealing to the next generation. He wants to be the bridge to a new era in American politics Don’t fall for it. Mayor Pete sublimates his inner radicalism, just like Senator Barack Obama in 2008. He’s “moderate,” soothing, reassuring. He’s not. He calls himself a Democratic socialist He’s as radical as Senators Sanders and Warren, just moderate in tone. Here’s his views: Stack the Supreme Court with 6 new justices, who pass the abortion test. A two-state Palestinian solution, but loathes Israel and wants to cut off support to Saudi Arabia. Medicare for all who want it, with a goal of universal healthcare. DACA. Open borders. Supporter of Big Labor. Supports Paris Accords. Green New Deal, carbon taxes, and clean energy. Will take action on Day One on the climate. Tax increases for people to pay their “fair share.” Ending gerrymandering Social equity Gender equity in administrative and agency appointments Statehood for the District of Columbia H.R.40: reparations to African Americans Elimination of death penalty Presidential elections by popular vote, eliminating the electoral college. When asked about white supremacy, “I try to check myself.” His statements on White Privilege: “Systemic racism, and white supremacy in particular … is the force that is most likely to destroy America.” “Look if you think about it; White supremacy is the thing beneath the surface of American life that has come closest to ending American life.” “It’s why I welcome my obligation as a candidate with the privilege of whiteness to speak about systemic racism in this country.” He’s trying to unite the Obama Coalition with identity politics. The Millennials are his key. A large percent of Millennials are woke, social justice warriors. They abhor President Trump, Republicans and conservatives. For example, the Millennials at Amazon, Google, and Microsoft oppose government projects for the military. Millennials overwhelmingly identify with the Democratic Party. 59% as of 2017 are Democrats or lean Democrat, compared to only 32% Republican. They fail to understand, being illiterate in history, that democratic socialism is an oxymoron. Their big issue is the environment, including climate change. Their second biggest issue is healthcare. Anti-Semitism, in the guise of anti-Zionism, is spreading through our nation’s campuses. The Millennials are convinced there is only one side, their correct side, the progressive side. Differing speech is hate speech. They come out of college indoctrinated with the history of America as an oppressive nation, both domestically and globally. They view themselves as victims of White (Male) Privilege. Thus the new concentration on “White Privilege.” Mayor Pete and Millennials – That’s the hurdle to President Trump’s reelection.

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