Friday, May 17, 2019

New York City Mayor Bill "Groundhog Killing" De Blasio's Qualifications (?) for President of the United States

22 Democrats and one Independent are currently seeking the Democrat nomination for President. Quick Question: Name all 23 Quick Question: Which will be the first to drop out? Quick Question: Who will ultimately win the nomination? Easy Question: Which is the most likely to be indicted for corruption? Answer: New York City Mayor Bill “Groundhog Killing” De Blasio Let’s look at Bill DE Blasio, nee William Wilhelm, Jr., qualifications for President: An ardent supporter of the Sandinistas His relentless war, as a payback to campaign supporters, on the tourist popular Central Park horses and carriages Real estate transactions reeking of pay to play His reputation for chronic tardiness Losing Amazon’s 25,000 jobs Pushing a billionaire’s tax, starting at $500,000 His stopping the successful “Stop and Frisk” policy Dissing and trashing the police His opposition to glass and steel high rises and threats to excessively tax existing ones in the name of the New Green Deal Being booed at an announcement at Trump Tower The imposition of a “congestion” tax on drivers Driving gas guzzling SUV’s everywhere, including to the gym, and even wrong way on streets Dirty, broken down subways Reversing the 20 years of Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg making New York City safe and clean His war against charter schools The Mayor’s failed $773 million Renewal plan for turning around struggling public high schools The $1.3 billion New York Works job creation program which resulted in 3,000 new jobs at a cost of $100,000 each A federal monitor assuming power over the New York City Housing Authority with billions in deferred maintenance, lead paint, mold, leaky roofs, heating problems, and plumbing problems His attempts to force into the city’s 8 prestigious magnet academic high schools, include Stuyvesant High, Bronx High School of Science, and Brooklyn Technical High, by eliminating the single entrance exam eventhough their admissions policies are governed by the state and not the city Increase in the homeless to 60,000 Shortly after his January inauguration in 2014 a vicious snowstorm struck New York City. His house was plowed while the City was shut down by impassable roads Dropping a groundhog to its death The 109th Mayor of New York City may or may not be the worst in New York City history, but he’s certainly high on that list. He’s running on his rhetoric, not his record

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